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Lauren Tarshis uses a first-person point of view in her books, allowing readers to experience events through the eyes of a specific character, typically a child or young adult. This provides a more personal and intimate connection between the reader and the protagonist, helping to engage the audience and create empathy for the character's experiences.

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Q: What is the point of view by Lauren Tarshis?
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How old is Lauren Tarshis?

US author Lauren Tarshis is 54 years old (born November 23, 1963).

Why did Lauren tarshis write?

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When did Lauren tarshis get married?

She is still alive at this time.

Where did Lauren tarshis go to school?

No one knows

Who was the author of I survived?

Lauren Tarshis is the author of the I Survived series.

What book did Lauren tarshis first write?

the first book lauren tarshis wrote was I SURVIVED THE SINKING OF THE TITANIC:) She is 36 years old and she was born 1952. (year 2013).c ya!

Did Lauren tarshis win any awards?

Yes, Lauren Tarshis has won several awards for her children's books, including the California Young Reader Medal and the National Parenting Publication Award.

Who is the author of the book you Survived the Sinking of the Titanic 1912?

by lauren tarshis

Who is the author of the I Survived series?

The author is Lauren Tarshis.

What is Lauren tarshis's birthday?

Lauren Tarshis was born on May 10, 1973 in Baku, Azerbaijan as the second of eight children to Stefan Əlirza oğlu Tərşıs (b. August 2, 1941, Baku, Azerbaijan) and Laura Wong Keng Yam (b. August 16, 1945, Singapore City, Singapore). Her birth name is Lorən Əva qızı Tərşıs (Loren Eva qizi Tarshis); her name is in English titled as Lauren Eva Tarshis.

What are the answers to the questions on a Star-Spangled story the birth of your national anthem by Lauren Tarshis?


What inspired Lauren tarshis to write the you survived?

Lauren Tarshis was inspired to write the "I Survived" series based on her fascination with historical events and disasters. She wanted to create engaging stories for young readers that would transport them to different time periods and bring history to life. The series also allowed her to explore themes of survival, resilience, and human strength in the face of adversity.