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What is a popular or general journal called in English

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it is called a daybook or a journal

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Q: What is the popular or general journal called in English?
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What is another name for the general journal in accounting?

the information is entered in the general journal, which is called the book of original entry.

What is Journal Proper?

The Journal Proper is the record both in which miscellaneous credit transactions are entered that do not fit in other books. It is also called the Journal Residual or the General Journal.

What is the structure of a journal entry?

Recording of a transaction in an accounting journal, such as the General Journal. The journal entry has equal debit and credit amounts, and it usually includes a one-sentence explanation of the purpose of the transaction is called journal entry.

An accounting record of the balances of all assets and liabilities and equity accounts is called a.compound entry. b. general journal. c. general ledger. d. chart of accounts?

c. General Ledger

What lgauge do they use in Brisbane?

The literary dialect is called Australian Standard English, or Standard English for short. Popular speech is commonly called English or Australian (pronounced "strine").

The English word 'Newspaper'' in french is called what?

Newspaper may be translated by "Journal" or (less frenquently used) "Quotidien" which means Daily.

What color was Bilbo's journal?

Red his journal is called "The Red Book of Westmarch"

The newspaper freedom's journal called for?

you answer it

What was the name of the journal that Anne Frank kept?

Anne Franks journal was called Kitty

What are the journals with the wrap around string called?

A spiral journal or spiral bound journal.

The daily record of congress is called the capital journal?

The daily record of Congress is called the congressional record. The daily record of Congress is not called the capital journal.

What was journal called in medieval times?

A chronicle

What did Freedoms journal called for what?

answer this question ok

Some words are added to English because they refer to something historical or popular. What is this called?

. Exposition

The procedure of transferring journal entries to the ledger accounts is called?

The whole process of transferring entries from journal to ledger is called posting process.

What is another name for peer-reviewed-journals?

A peer-reviewed journal is also called a refereed journal.

How do you journalize adjusting entry license future year?

Journal Entries recorded to update general ledger accounts at the end of a fiscal period are called adjusting entries.

What is the daily journal of congress called?

The Congressional Record.

What is the sailor captain journal called?

Ship's Log.

What is a personal video journal entry called?

A vlog

What is it called when a journal name is used in a reference?

a citation

What is a journal of congress's activities called?

congressional record

What is a synonym for diary?

A diary can also be called a journal.

What is the daily event recording book called?

A journal

What is the journal kept by the caption of a ship called?


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