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The population of West Berlin at the time of the blockade and airlift (1948-49) was about 2 million.

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Which city has more people per square mile East Berlin or West Berlin?

West Berlin had the higher population density. Between 1946 and 1989, the population of West Berlin grew from 1,996,250 to 2,130,525. During the same time frame the population of East Berlin grew from 1,174,582 to 1,279,212.

What is the population of Blankenburg Berlin?

The population of Blankenburg - Berlin - is 6,550.

What is the population of Wartenberg Berlin?

The population of Wartenberg - Berlin - is 2,433.

What is the population of Zehlendorf Berlin?

Zehlendorf - Berlin -'s population is 57,902.

What is the population of Buch Berlin?

Buch - Berlin -'s population is 13,188.

What is the population of east Berlin?

East Berlin was reunited with West Berlin in 1990. Its population before the reunitement was 1,300,000.

What is Berlin promotion agency's population?

The population of Berlin promotion agency is 4,500.

What is Johannisthal Berlin 's population?

The population of Johannisthal - Berlin - is 17,650.

Population in Berlin?

The population of Berlin, Germany as of 2008 is...City: ~3,400,000Metro: ~5,000,000

What is Karow Berlin 's population?

Karow - Berlin -'s population is 18,258.

What is Weissensee - Berlin -'s population?

The population of Weissensee - Berlin - is 45,485.

How was Berlin during the holocaust?

Berlin was bombed a lot during this period.

What is Berlins population?

The population of Berlin is about 3,470,000.

How large was the Jewish population of Berlin before the Nazis came to power?

In 1925 the Jewish population of Berlin was about 150,000.

What is the poplutaion of Berlin?

The 2007 statistics put the population of Berlin at 3,405,300.

Population of Jews in Berlin in 1945?

Possibly a couple of thousand Berlin Jews were still in Berlin on VE Day ...

The Berlin blockade and Berlin airlifts?

Happened during 1948 when the Russians blocked access to Berlin.

Population de Berlin en 2009?

On the 25th January 2008 there was 3,431,473 in Berlin.

What did the US supplies to Berlin during the Berlin Airlift?

nothing the sucked

What country is the city of Berlin located?

Berlin is located in Germany. It has an area of nearly 900km squared and has a population of 3.5 million as of 2012. An interesting fact is that during the Cold War it was divided by a wall which separated the countries of West and East Germany up until its destruction in 1989.

What was American's reaction to the Berlin Wall?

We flew over it during the Berlin Airlift.

The Soviets cut off access to Berlin by land during the?

The Berlin Blockade

Food and supplies were delivered to people into west Berlin during the?

Berlin Airlift

Who debated against Kennedy during the Berlin crisis?

Nikita Khrushchev from Germany debated against Kennedy during the Berlin Crisis.

Who was in charge of Berlin during the Berlin airlift?

Jack Black's Great Great Grandpa

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