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What is the population of Wisconsin?

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According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the population of Wisconsin is 5,686,986.

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The population of Wisconsin Bell is 2,006.

Wisconsin ranks 20th in the population table

Wisconsin Energy Corporation's population is 2,009.

Wisconsin Energy Corporation's population is 4,545.

Wisconsin Physicians Service's population is 5,000.

Milwaukee is the Wisconsin city with the largest population.

According to, the 2008 population estimate for Wisconsin is 5,627,967.

Wisconsin is the 20th largest U.S. state based on population.

The population of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin was 35,974 in 2014.

The population of the state of Wisconsin in 2007 was 5.602 million people. The population as of 2013 is 5.743 million people.

the population of the city of green bay Wisconsin as of 2010 is 100,355

1.82% of the total US population lives in Wisconsin.

The 2010 population was 594,833.

The population was 7,355 in 2010.

The population of American Indians in Wisconsin is 53,358, which are divided into 11 recognized tribes.

Appleton, Wisconsin had 73,971 people in 2014.

According to, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, has the most population at 951,252 people in 2007.

The population of Sheboygan was 49,288 in 2010.

what is the population of wisconisin my name is ob

Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin based on population.

There are 886-897 wolves in Wisconsin as of April 2016.

There are 126,719 Mexicans living in Wisconsin. There are 192,921 Hispanics or Latinos total in Wisconsin as of 2010.

As of July 2006, the population is estimated to be 11,913.

The population of Dane County is 523,643.

Yes if it will mean ownership of Wisconsin. Example: Wisconsin's population

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