What is the possible errors Boys gas calorimeter?

This is a practical dealing with heat energy. So we had many assumptions when doing this practical. We assumed that the gas is an ideal gas, because we used combined gas low at the very first beginning. Next we had an issue on the heat loss due to smoke produced by the calorimeter. When considering heat energy loss from the smoke produced is a major loss. This made a considerable error in our calculations. Heat loss through the conductance from the calorimeter is another issue that we faced. So for the calculation we assumed the heat loss due to these errors were null.

The temperature measured near inlet and outlet flow of water had an error due to contact of copper spiral with the thermometers, it is not a big issue in our calculations. But when we consider the flow rate major error could be occurred. It is because flow of water is not firm and constant. To minimize this issue we used pressure head. It was a good solution for the error. But there may be a considerable error occurred. Errors done by the observing students and errors in the measuring equipments cannot be corrected. When we done this practical this was the main issue we had to face.

The manometer reading was very small and in two different trials when changing the flow rate of gas, the difference was so small. Observation error occurred in that measurement. The pressure measured is relatively small with the absolute value. So we did not see a considerable change in our calculations.

Another issue is that the readings taken from the thermometers. Thermometers are calibrated one by one degrees of Celsius (minimum value of readings were 10C). So we had to face an error of accuracy. This made a vast difference in our calculation because inlet and outlet temperatures play a major role in the equation. We can see that from the equation of calculating the calorific value.

The calorific value should be a constant for a certain gas we consider. But from the experiment values we got and by the calculations, the calorific value is different in the 3 trials we have done. It is because of the above mentioned errors and issues.