What is the prefix of stress?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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Q: What is the prefix of stress?
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What does the prefix post usually mean?

After - as in POSTtraumatic stress disorder

Which syllable is stressed when prefix is use as a noun?

The stress in a prefix used as a noun typically falls on the first syllable.

What syllable is stressed in the first pronuncation of the verb prefix?

The word prefix has two syllables. When used as a verb, the stress is no the second syllable. The syllables are pre-fix'.

Is bestow a second syllable word?

The accent or stress is on the second syllable. The 'be' is a prefix as in behead, bequest, bedeck, bedazzle, bedew, bewail, befriend, berate. The root word is NOT 'best' with a suffix '-ow'. The 'be-' prefix conveys the sense of surrounding, covering, affecting completely, or causing to be. The part of the word after the prefix is stressed because that is the root word and conveys the information.

When is a prefix not a prefix?

when it isnt at the end of a word

What is the prefix of intolerant?


Does purpose have a prefix?

Yes, prefix does have a prefix. The prefix is pur-.

What the prefix for the word inadaquate?

The prefix for inadequate is in-. The prefix in- means not.

What is prefix of interested?

The prefix is in-. This prefix means not.

What is the prefix of interesting?

The prefix is in-. This prefix means not.

is walked a suffix or prefix?


What is prefix for demi?

Demi has no prefix; it IS a prefix.