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What is the present participle of watch?


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They are watching television.

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The present tense of watch is:I/You/We/They watch.He/She/It watches.The present participle is watching.

I/you/we/they watch. He/she/it watches. The present participle is watching.

The past participle is watched The present participle is watching

Migration is not a verb so it doesn't have a present participle, it is a noun.The verb is migrate. To make the present participle form of any verb add -ing.migrate -- migrating. (You need to watch the spelling).

Presenting is the present participle of present.

"Am" is the present participle.Present participle is the ing form of the verb and for am that is being

No, "have been" is not a present participle. It is the present perfect tense of be. Being is the present participle of be.

Being is the present participle. The past participle is been.

The present progressive: am/is/are + present participle. The present perfect progressive: have/has + been + present participle. The past progressive: was/were + present participle. The past perfect progressive: had + been + present participle. The future progressive: will + be + present participle. The future perfect progressive: will + have + been + present participle.

No the present participle is having.

Being is the present participle of be.

The present participle is doing.

Doing is the present participle of do.

Getting is the present participle of get.

Present ProgressiveI + Am + Present ParticipleYou/we/they + Are + Present ParticipleShe/he/it + Is + Present ParticiplePresent Perfect ProgressiveHave/Has + Been + Present ParticiplePast ProgressiveWas/Were + Present ParticiplePast Perfect ProgressiveHad + Been + Present ParticipleFuture ProgressiveWill + Be + Present ParticipleFuture Perfect ProgressiveWill + Have + Been + Present ParticipleNote: the progressive tense is often called the 'continuous tense'.

Present participle - winding Past participle - winded

The present participle is "sowing" and the past participle is "sown".

The present participle is swelling. The past participle is swelled.

The present participle is bearing. The past participle is borne.

The present participle is beating. The past participle is beat.

The past participle is proceeded. The present participle is proceeding.

Begun is the past participle, and beginning is the present participle.

I am presenting my essay today.You are presenting him to the church, aren't you?The above sentences are present continuous not present perfect.Present perfect is have / has + past participle.The past participle of present is presented ( present is a regular verb so add -ed to make past and past participle)They have presented me with a gold watch.She has presented her resignation.

Coming IS the present participle of come. The present participle is always verb + ing.

No it's a past participle. The present participle is debating.

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