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Q: What is the price of gold proof half sovereign 2002?
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How much is a 1980 gold sovereign worth?

Modern sovereigns unless in proof condition are generally only worth bullion. At the moment a full sovereign is worth about $400 US/CAD in gold.

Difference between gold bullion and gold proof sovereign?

A Proof coin is one that has been struck on specially prepared and polished dies and then the coin, after striking, is often hand polished to a mirror like finish. This type of coin is intended for serious collectors and investors and, not for circulation. A Sovereign is a British coin made from gold with a nominal value of One Pound GBP. A gold Proof FDC Sovereign would be valued at a minimum of £100 GBP. Gold Bullion is gold in the form of bars or ingots. Depending on the price of gold at any given time, the bullion value can exceed the collector value of a coin at times. Most countries would ensure that the metal they make their coins from will never exceed the value of the coin.

What is the value of a 2002 British Half-Sovereign?

A British 2002 gold Double Sovereign (Two Pound) coin (Proof FDC), uncirculated and in absolute mint condition could fetch up to £350 GBP. A reputable coin dealer will be able to give a more accurate valuation.

What is the value of a 1974 gold British proof set in sealed mint case?

There is no record of the Royal Mint having produced a "gold" Proof set in 1974, only the usual Proof set. Royal Mint gold Proof sets issued from 1980 contain only the "Sovereign" coinage.

What is a Sovereign gold coin worth in dollars?

Any collector value would depend on the year and condition of the coin. At the very least, it will be worth whatever the current price of gold might be. A mint condition Sovereign contains 7.322381 grams of gold. Currently gold is at about $1,790 USD per ounce. That makes the gold content of a Sovereign coin worth about $79 USD.

How much is the cayman islands the six sovereign queens of great Britain 1975 2 piece proof set 100 dollars gold proof and 50 proof silver coin accompanied by box of issue worth?


What is the value of a 2012 British Quarter-Sovereign PCGS PR69?

A British 2012 22 carat gold Quarter-Sovereign coin (Elizabeth II),(boxed Proof) is currently retailing for £130 GBP from the Royal Mint.

What is the gold British coin function?

The British Sovereign coinage has been made from 22 carat gold since its reintroduction into the currency in 1817. The Sovereign has a face value of One Pound and was used as currency until the early 20th century when Britain came off the "gold standard", and the Sovereign was replaced with the One Pound note. These days, the Sovereign coinage produced by the Royal Mint is exclusively a collector coin with a price reflecting the value of the gold used to make it.

What is the actual gold value of a 2008 gold sovereign With gold at 944 per oz.?

The value changes constantly with the price of gold. If you have a collectors coin then the value may be more than the "spot" price of gold. Generally gold coins are worth a little more than the "spot" price anyway. One good place to keep up on the value would be

Did the Royal Mint issue any 1887 Queen Victoria silver Proof coins?

Yes, 1887 was Queen Victorias Golden Jubilee year. Five Pound (quintuple Sovereign) gold Two Pound (double Sovereign) gold Sovereign gold Half-Sovereign gold Crown (Five Shillings) sterling silver Double-Florin (Four Shillings) sterling silver Halfcrown (Two Shillings and Sixpence) sterling silver Florin (Two Shillings) sterling silver Shilling sterling silver Sixpence sterling silver Threepence sterling silver There were no Proof bronze coins minted and no Groat (Fourpence). There were also two Proof FDC sets issued - 11 coins Five Pounds to Threepence 7 coins Crown to Threepence

When did they discover the gold in Sovereign hill?

Gold was discovered in the Sovereign Hill area of Ballarat in August 1851.

What is the value of a British Half-Sovereign in US currency?

A British Half-Sovereign has a face value of 50 Pence. They are made from 22 carat gold and, since 1980 have been issued as a collector or investment coin issued as either or Proof or bullion coin, or both, their actual value, depending on the year, is more likely to be anything from £140 to £200 GBP. See the link below for a currency conversion.