What is the primary use of coal?

Updated: 5/22/2024
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to heat fricken homes

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Coal is primarily used as a fuel source for generating electricity and in industrial processes such as steel production and cement manufacturing. It is also used for heating and as a feedstock in chemical production.

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Q: What is the primary use of coal?
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Is coal industries a primary or secondary indusrty?

The coal industry is part of the primary sector because it is init...

What do manufacturing companies use coal for?

These industries use coal to produce coke--a primary ingredient in the smelting of iron

What is coal's primary element?

Carbon is the primary element in coal.

What are the primary consumers of coal?

The primary consumers of coal would be energy companies burning it to create energy.

What companies use coal?

A Thermal based power plant have large type of coal consumption and secondly the cement and steel industries have large coal consumption.

What is coal primarily used for?

The primary use for coal is for generating electricity by heating the water in large boilers in which the steam turns a AC generator. Another important use for coal is for making metallurgical coke for the production of steel. Coal is not used much anymore for heating homes.

Why is sulfur an undesireable part of coal?

Sulfur is an undesirable constituent of coal because the primary use of coal is burning the coal to supply energy. Any sulfur present in the coal is usually converted, when the coal is burned, into an oxide of sulfur that can acidify rain water when it escapes into the atmosphere.

What Substance Is Coal Made From?

The primary element in coal is carbon, although there may be impurities in the coal.

Why is anthracite black?

Anthracite is a form of coal, coal is primary carbon, and carbon is black.

Is the primary source of electricity renewable?

Our primary source is still coal, and that is not renewable

How important is coal to the us?

Coal is very important to the US. It is the primary source of energy for the country.

Examples national primary sector?

a coal industry or fishing industry. a coal industry or fishing industry. this means anything that is sourced from the ground is an example of the primary sector