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Assuming the sides are labelled one to twenty and that all sides are the same shsp and size and that the dice in not biased in any way, then there will be a 50% chance of getting an odd number.

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There is always a 1 in 6 chance of rolling ANY number on a six-sided dice, as there are 6 numbers.

The probability of rolling an even number is 1/2.

Assuming that it is a 6-sided die, the answer is 1/3.

If the dice is 6 sided, the chances of rolling each number is about 17% (100/6) If the dice is 4 sided, the chances of rolling each number is 25% (100/4) Similarly, 8 sided = 12.5% 10 sided = 10% 12 sided ≈ 8% 20 sided = 5%

The probability of rolling a particular face in a 12 sided die is 1 in 12, or about 0.0833.

The probability is 1 out of two. The primes you can roll are 2,3, and 5.

rolling 8 on a 6 sided dice? in a single roll? approximately 0. on a 12 sided dice? one in 12. two six sided dice? 5/36

0n a 6 sided dice. exactly 1. on two 6 sided dice, about 31/36

The probability of rolling an odd number of a standard die is 3 in 6, or 1 in 2, or 0.5.

The probability of rolling the same number on five dice is (1/6)4, or about 0.0007716.

The probability of rolling a six on either (or both) die is 11/36.

With one roll of three dice, the probability is 7/8.

The probability is (0.1) times (the number of faces with '4' marked on them).

That depends on what kind of dice you are rolling and how many of them you roll. If you roll two 6-sided dice once, the probability of getting the number 100 is exactly zero. You cannot get a 100 on one roll of two 6-sided dice. Other dice and different numbers of them may yield different probabilities.

With two 6-sided dice, 1 out of 36.

1/6 for each, if you are rolling a six sided die.

Well there is 36 different possibilities with rolling 2 6 sided dice. The probability of rolling the sum of 10 with 2 die is 4/36 or 1/8 chance.

The probability would be 5/6 for rolling a number other than a 3.

the probability of tossing a coin and it landing on head is a 1 in 2 chance the probability of rolling a 5 on a dice is a 1 in 6 chance

If there is a different number on each face of the die and no numbers a repeated it is a 1 in 10 chance.

If it is a regular dice then the probability is 3/6 that is 1/2

The probability for dice depends on how many. For a die, it is 1/3.

The chance of rolling a certain number on a dice is 1/6, so the chance of rolling a 4 OR 5is 2/6. But if you have two dice you have the most chance of rolling a seven (6/36 or 1/6)

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