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What is the probabilty if a coin is tossed three times?

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The probability of the coin coming up heads each time is 1/8; likewise for 3 tails. The probability of getting 2 heads and 1 tail (in any order) or 2 tails and 1 head, is 3/8. There are lots of other events whose probability can be calculated when a coin is tossed 3 times, but the question doesn't specify what event is to have its probability calculated.

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If a coin has been tossed three times and it has landed on heads what are the chances that it will be tails on the next toss?

The odds that a tossed coin will land tails side down remain one in two no matter how many times the coin has previously been tossed.

How many outcomes are possible if a coin is tossed 15 times?

If a coin is tossed 15 times there are 215 or 32768 possible outcomes.

A coin is tossed five times find the probability of getting exactly three heads?

Since a coin has two sides and it was tossed 5 times, there are 32 possible combinations of results. The probability of getting heads three times in 5 tries is 10/32. This is 5/16.

When a quarter is tossed four times How many times are exactly three tails tossed?

Out of the 16 possible outcomes for a coin tossed four times, 4 of them result in 3 Tails & 1 Head. They are: TTTH, TTHT, THTT, and HTTT.

If you tossed a coin 1000 times what is the probability the 785th toss is heads?

The number of times a coin is tossed does not alter the probability of getting heads, which is 50% in every case, as long as the coin has not been rigged (i.e., a double-headed coin, a weighted coin) to alter the result.

What is the probability of getting two head and one tail if a coin is tossed 3 times?

the probability of getting one head and one tail on three flips of a coin is 1/9

How many different combinations are possible if a coin is tossed three times?

there can be only three combo's ------ head n tail,,,,,,,, tail n tail,,,,,,,,,,,,,, head n head

What are the odds if a coin is tossed 3 times and the out come is heads?

The answer depends on "the outcome is heads HOW MANY TIMES!"

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