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Q: What is the process for admission in bsc aviation?
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What percentage required in 12th get admission in bsc agriculture college pune?

What percentage required in 12th get admission in bsc agriculture college

How can you get admission for ty bsc in kalina?

No mention

What is the minimum percentage needed to get admission for Bsc IT in mumbai?

Minimum 45% is required to get the admission

Tell you about Jan-Feb academic session in UK University?

I wanna know about the admission of BSC in Bradford university.When admission will start 2008 session?In which subject the admission will started?

Can you get admission in bsc civil engineering university in England after 3 year diploma in civil technology?

yes you can get admission if you have good marks in diploma. It depends in which school you want to take admission.

Is polytechnic diploma equivalent intermediate?

i have passed diploma in mech engg.can i take an admission in bsc

What are the requirements for admission into Bsc Electrical Engineering?

The admission requirements of all the many Universities and Colleges around the world vary a lot! You don't say where you currently live nor where you want to study for a BSc in Electrical Engineering. In general terms, for admission to such a degree course, you would need to get good grades at least in math and physics plus passes in as many other science subjects as you can. Why not call a local college's admin center and ask them to send you details of their admission requirements for their BSc in Electrical Engineering?

Class diagram for online admission?

online college admission process

The __ process is a noncompetitive application process?

open admission

What are the entrance exams for BSc?

Such exams differ from country to country and university to university. You should have mentioned the name of the university to which you want to get admission.

What is the admission process of MEdin amravati universituy?

What is the information on line admission & show me the B A admission please

What are the courses in university?

Since you haven't mentioned the university, so it seems that you are asking with-respect-to all universities. All good universities offer various popular courses like, bsc, ba.....etc. If you are seeking admission, then lookout for good universities such as LPU, VIT, BITS, PEC.....and so on. The details about them and admission process can be had from their website.