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Continental drift.

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Q: What is the process of continents breaking apart?
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What is the process of rock breaking apart?

It is the process of weathering.

Atoms breaking down or breaking apart?

This is the process of radioactive decay.

How did the seven continents break apart?

Its the whole idea of "continental drift." In this process tectonics plates spread apart making the continents drift.

What do geologists call the process of tectonic plates breaking apart?


What is the process of breaking apart rocks by wind air or rain?


The process of breaking apart rocks by wind rain and temperature?


How are the continents breaking apart?

It is because of the Big Boom that hit our planet years ago. The force of the boom not only made the continents separate but the planets in our solar system as well.

What is the process that pulls apart continents?

Plate tectonics. Sub layers called tectonic plates lie underneath continents move, shift, and grind against or away from each other. The actual process of pulling apart is called diverging. The super-continent Pangaea is an example of a continent that was pulled apart. First it was pulled apart into two continents that are called Laurasia and Gondwana and then was pulled farther apart into the world that we see today.

Is breaking apart a verb?

Yes, "breaking apart" is the progressive form of the particle verb "break apart". E.g., "He is breaking apart the rocks" or "The rocks are breaking apart".

What is the process of rocks breaking and moving apart or change in position?

Faulting, erosion, transportation.

What is process of water breaking apart the lactose molecule?

to be perciesthat is called, collation. you welcom.

How did Pangaea breaking apart affect life on earth?

a better way of finding different facts in other places