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The Water Cycle - precipitation (rain), collection, evaporation, condensation (clouds). Not necessarily starting with precipitation, but in this order.

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Q: What is the process of water traveling from earth to the sky and back?
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Where does water go as it cycles through earth?

Water is returned back to the earth. The process hence termed as Water Cycle.

What process occurs when the water falls back to earth surface?


What is the process called when water vapor changes back to a liquid and falls back to earth?


How does water move from earth to air and back again?

Water moves into the air through the process of evaporation. Water moves from the air the ground by the process of raining.

Which process completes the water cycle?

Precipitation and collection of water completes water cycle.Water is recycled back to earth's surface.

Which process plays an important role in bringing water back to the surface of the earth?


What is the name of the natural cycle in which water travels from the earth to the atmosphere and back again?

Answer :Water is continuously moving form the Earth's surface into the air, and from the air back onto the Earth's surface. This continuous movement of water is called the hydrologic cycle, or water cycle.

Water moves from Earth's surface to the atmosphere and back to Earth's surface again in a process known as the water cycle. Which of the following is the major form of energy driving the water cycle?

Solar energy

What process forms rain?

Through, the water cycle, water is formed by the precipitation in bodies of water rising into the air, and forming clouds. Then, eventually it falls back to earth where its meets back into the body of water, etc. etc.

What is the movement of water from earth to the atmosphere and back to earth?

Water cycle

How do the different parts of the water cycle fit together?

Water turns into a gas by heat which is evaporation. It turns back into water through condensation and turns into a cloud. Then it rains/snows/hails/sleets back down to Earth to start the process all over again.

What occurs when air traveling over land moves over water cools down and travels back?

When air traveling over land moves over water and cools down and travels back it causes precipitation because the water is now full of water droplets.