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Q: What is the process when reproductive cells are formed?
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What is the reproductive process for a cell?

reproductive cells

Cells formed in the male reproductive organs?


What are the cells formed in the male reproductive organ?

your answer is sperm

Cells are divided by what process?

mitosis or meiosis for reproductive cells.

How many haploid sperm cells have been formed after the meiosis process?

i learned in science class that 4 sperm cells ((aka 1n)and 1n means hapliod) are formed after meiosis. In a female reproductive system, only one is formed.

How many chromosomes are there in one of its reproductive cells formed by meiosis?

cells and genetics

What is the process in which reproductive cells are form?


Reproductive cells are called zygotes true or false?

false reproductive cells (also called germ cells) are egg & sperm when these reproductive cells fuse together, the zygote is formed

What happens when a parent produces reproductive cells?

When a parent produces reproductive cells, sex cells undergo meiosis a process in which these specialized cells duplicate.

What reproductive cells formed on mushroom gills called?


Reproductive cells formed on mushroom gills are called?


The process in which reproductive cells are formed is called?

Meiosis is the division of a cell into eventually 4 daughter cells containing half the number of original chromosomes such as sperm and egg cells.