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The ovulated oocyte (egg) is encapsulated by the zona pellucida to protect it. The sperm binds to the zone pellucida and undergoes an acrosomal reaction - where hundreds of acrosomes release their enzymes which digests the zona pellucida to prepare for implantation. The sperm then makes contact with the oocytes membrane and binds to the receptors. Once fertilisation occurs meiosis 2 occurs and the ovum's nuclei swell (now pronuclei) and approach each other in preparation for cell division.

This usually begins in the fallopian tubes and implantation usually occurs in the uterus (although it can happen in the fallopian tubes or ovary causing an ectopic pregnancy).

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The process is fertilization. The result is a Zygote.

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Q: What is the process where a human sperms nucleus fuses with the eggs nucleus?
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