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processor is the brain of computer, before you purchase, considered the price, the speed, cores, cache and features, if you want low price processor but good for gaming and speed, good choice are amd.

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2010-12-30 13:24:43
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Q: What is the processor on a computer considered?
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What computer part is considered to be the Brains of the computer?

The brains of a computer is considered to be its processor.

Is ram brain of the computer?

The processor would be considered to be the brain of the computer. RAM is just part of the working memory of the computer.

What kind of processor does the Thinkpad T60 have?

The Lenovo ThinkPad T60 is equipped with an Intel Duo Core Processor. It was the first of its kind to be released with such a processor and is considered to be a great notebook computer.

Which computer component is considered the nerve center of the computer system and is responsible for processing all of the data within the machine?


What is considered the brain of a computer?

The Central Processing Unit (CPU), also called the "processor" or "chipset."

The computer's processor consists of what parts?

The computer's processor consists of what parts?

Why is a processor needed in a computer?

Because the processor is the "engine" of the computer that does the computations.

Do all computers have processors?

Every single computer of any kind (including game systems, MP3 players, etc.) has some sort of CPU, or processor. To further this discussion, anything that thinks is considered a computer. You are a computer, your brain is the processor.

What is the use of a computer processor?

The processor is considered the "brain" of a computer. Without it the computer will not be able to boot up windows. The processor is the central focus of the computer. It has three main tasks: 1. Receiving input (including memory access) 2. Giving ouput (including memory access) 3. And performing mathematical and logical calculations

What was the name of the first processor chip used in what is considered today to be the first personal computer?

Intel 4004

What is the computer generation of processor?

ENIAC processor

What is the processor or chip?

The processor is the brain of the computer

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