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The pronoun is "It".

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Q: What is the pronoun in this sentence The weather is cold It could rain?
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Is 'Best thing about cold weather is that it gives me an excuse to wear this sweatshirt on' grammatically correct?

No, the grammar is not correct. You could use "The" at the beginning of the sentence, but it's not an absolute. There is no need for "on" at the end of the sentence."The best thing about cold weather is that it gives me an excuse to wear this sweatshirt."

Sentence for inclement?

The work was delayed by the inclement weather. (cold/ wet/ wild/ weather)

How would you make a sentence using the word weather?

1. The weather today was really cold.

How do you use weather front in a sentence?

A weather front can be a cold front, a warm front or an occlusion.

Is Its a cold weather so put on your comfy clothes grammatically correct?

The sentence 'Its a cold weather so put on your comfy clothes', is not correct grammar and it should be 'It's a cold weather; put on your comfy clothes '.

HOW DO YOU Use the word antarctic in a sentence?

In Antarctica it has very cold weather.

Is it the right conjunction in the sentence The swallows fly to warmer countries since the weather becomes cold?

No. The conjunction WHEN should be used instead of SINCE.Grammatically, you could have the proper sentence "The swallows are flying to a warmer country since the weather has become cold." Either since or as or forcould be used, but any would mean because.

What is a sentence with whether?

the weather tomorrow is going to be cold. or the weather is forcasting 4 to 8 inches of snow or the weather is nice today

How could you tell weather a rabbit comes from a cold weather or a warm weather environment?


Is Sweatshirt in this cold weather grammatically correct?

As a sentence, no it is not correct. There is no subject or verb.

Which sentence contains an idiom?

"Tom was feeling under the weather after catching a cold."

What is the correct punctuation to this sentence Because the weather was so cold you wore gloves every day?

The correct punctuation for the sentence is: "Because the weather was so cold, you wore gloves every day."