What is the proper etiquette for hugging a ninja?

1. Watch out for sharp edges.
2. Precisely! I was just going to say, the ettiquette is that it is just not done ... ninjas do value their lives - very much! It's one thing to die for a cause; it is quite another to just give yourself up for the next world.

3. Make sure you approach slowly; ninjas react automatically to fast motion. Carefully extend your arms to the sides in a universal hugging motion, and wait for the ninja to accept your hug proposal. If the ninja does not react in a friendly manner, back off slowly, showing that you intend no harm, while keeping the ninja in your sight as long as possible. This will most likely keep the ninja from stabbing you in the back or snapping your neck from behind. Remember that ninjas are instinctive creatures, and any sign of fear or running away will only cause them to pursue you.

4. Be very fast, expect that you can just do it in seconds.