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Q: What is the proper name of a college degree in Education?
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What is the proper way to annotate a current college degree?

What is the proper way to annotate a masters degree behind your name? Thank you.

How do I indicate master's degree beside my name for education counseling and special education?

You don't put your MA after your name. The only proper use of a degree after the name is a doctorate. Putting your MA is not proper and would show that you are not up to speed on the proper use of it.

When used after your name how do you abbreviate master's in education?

It depends where, and which college or university you obtained the degree from and their approach. It could be, M.Ed., M.A.Ed., M.S.Ed, etc.

How to get a fake college degree?

The easiest way to create a fake college degree is to search images online of degrees received by others and manipulate their name off through a photo shop program. Find the matching font and add your name. You want to make sure that the dates you attended match the dates on your resume, or you can simply manipulate that as well.

What does MED mean after a name?

Its the degree MEd means a Masters degree in Education

What type of organization is AB Tech?

AB Tech is the shortened name of Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College. As the name states, this is an institution of higher education that offers associate degree programs.

What does MEd mean after a given name?

Its the degree MEd means a Masters degree in Education

Should the name of a college be capitalized?

Yes, because it is a proper name. All proper names are capitalized.

What is M.Ed. after persons name?

It means Master of Education...meaning they earned a Masters degree in Education.

What EDD stands for?

There are a number of degrees particular to specific specialty fields. As per your request however, the EdD is the abbreviation for a Doctor of Education. Typically you will find this particular degree among high school, college, and university educators.

What is another name for college degree that begins with the letter c?

college diploma, certificate

What is the proper way to format a name that includes a degree?

Follow the name with a comma, then the initials of the degree. I.E: John Doe, B.S.