What is the proper pronunciation of the word often Is the t silent or is it both ways?

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Many sources believe that pronouncing the T (off-ten) is an overcorrection (or an affectation), and that the correct pronunciation is with a silent T to rhyme with "soften."

Both pronunciations are considered acceptable. In the US, however, the silent T pronunciation (of-fen) is preferred by a majority of English speakers.
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Why are silent letters used in English when they are not part of the pronunciation?

Answer: Why are silent letters used? There are many answers. First, spoken language changes faster thanorthography, thus English, like many other languages, still retainsold ways of writing words that don't correspond anymore to theactual pronounciation. Second, when a foreign word is borrowed, itof ( Full Answer )

What is the proper pronunciation of La Conciergerie?

Answer . The phonetics below are correct, but the French do not use emphasis as we do in English. All syllables have the same emphasis (lah con-see-air-zhuh-ree).. Answer . Lah CON-see-AIR-zhuh-ree

What is the proper pronunciation of the family names Scrymser and Paunceforte?

The pronunciation of the name Scrymser -- The first syllable, Scrym, is pronounced like the first syllable of scrimmage. In the second syllable, ser, the s has a bit of a z pronunciation to it. If you did not know it already, the name Scrymser is a sort of Americanized spelling of the Scottish name ( Full Answer )

Is pronunciate a word?

Pronunciate is a word used in England And Ireland (and some other English speaking countries) as part of everyday language in addition to pronounce and pronunciation. it is much rarer in other English speaking Countries such as the United States or Canada. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/ ( Full Answer )

What is the silent letter in the word often?

The t in often is not pronounced and does not belong there.It was added to the word in the Middle English period, on theanalogy of oft. +++ I beg to differ. Although it isnot stressed, I hear it pronounced far more than ignoredcompletely! It may be a matter of dialect. OFT = OFTEN anyway. TheE ( Full Answer )

What is the proper pronunciation of Florida?

The "correct" pronunciation is a mute point because the pronunciation of it varies from state to state. Floridians pronounce their state thus: Fl-awr-duh. (there's no middle short 'e' voewl)

What is the correct pronunciation for the word often?

That last guy is an idiot, it's pronunciation is [aw-f uh n] or if you want to get into the misconceived pronunciation [ aw- ftuhn] It is "offen" The t has been silent for hundreds of years. Pronouncing it off-ten is a literate genteelism, that is a mistake made while trying to avoid making ( Full Answer )

What is the proper pronunciation of the french city Cannes?

I spent several days in Cannes in Sept 1980. Without exception, it was pronounced "can" as in tin can. There are resources on the net that insist that it can also be pronounced "canz" and "khan" but those are certainly not local people saying it that way. Bill Slugg Bill@Slugg.com

Words with silent t?

castle, chestnut, fasten, mortgage, whistle, thistle, mistletoe, botch, sasquatch, watch, latch, satchel, catch, kitchen, witch, ditch, stitch, Christmas, listen, soften, beret, depot, escargot, merlot, valet.

What nouns are both abstract and proper?

An abstract noun is a word for something that can't be experiencedby any of the five physical senses; something that can't be seen,heard, smelled, tasted, or touched. An abstract noun is a word forsomething that is known, learned, thought, understood, or feltemotionally. A proper noun is the name o ( Full Answer )

Is the t silent in often?

Sometimes, but not often. :-) It is not a 'set' word - some dialects and accents pronounce it, and other don't. Here in Ireland it is usually pronounce when people are speaking carefully , but in everyday conversation it gets elided out of the word and they say 'offen'.

What words have a silent t?

batch catch crutch detach fetch hatch latch match notch patch pitch scratch swatch switch watch

Is the t silent in the?

No, in the word 'the' the 't' is pronounced as part of the 'th' sound. The 'e' in 'the' is pronounced differently depending whether the word comes before a vowel or a consonant. So, for example, in 'the orchard' or 'the angler' the 'e' sound is lifted, while in 'the book', or 'the process', the 'e ( Full Answer )

How do you use both word in appropriate place silent and salient?

how to use both word in appropriate place silent and salient. . how to use both word in appropriate place silent and salient. . how to use both word in appropriate place silent and salient. . how to use both word in appropriate place silent and salient.

What is the proper pronunciation of fides the Latin word for faith?

There are several defensible pronunciations of Latin - the most important consideration is to be consistent in whichever pronunciation you choose. The standard current Anglophone pronunciation of fides is almost FEE-DAYS (though the vowels are clear continental vowels, without the typical English ( Full Answer )

Is the t in often silent?

no Would you be kind enough to provide a reference for your answer? I am trying to find the offical English answer and as yet, have not had any luck. My Oxford English Dictionary has both answers. I notice the Queen (of England) uses the silent version. Thank you.

Words with a silent t in the middle?

Castle, whistle, and often are words that have a silent "t" in themiddle. Other words like this include mortgage, listen, and fasten.

Proper pronunciation of the word tangy?

T-A-NG-EE the NG sound in this word is formed by pressing the tongue sides up against the side of the mouth. the tongue tip does not touch the mouth.

What is the proper pronunciation of onigiri?

oh-NEE-gee-ree The R at the end is a tongue-flap, so it comes out sounding like something in between a Spanish R ( like in caro or pero , but not like in carro or perro ) and a D .

What words have silent T?

One word with a silent "t" is debt. Debt does not have a silent "t", it is the "b" that is silent. The word is not pronounced deb, it is ponounced det.

What is the pronunciation rule for a silent 'h'?

There is no rule, just some loose guidelines. In many words borrowed from Norman French, such as hour and honor, h is silent. But in others, such as host and hotel, it is not. In American English, the h in herb is silent, but in British English it is not. In polysyllabic h-words whose stress falls o ( Full Answer )

Who can help you with proper pronunciation?

If you are making a statement, use a period. example: "My favourite subject is English." If you are expressing feeling, use an exclamation point. example: "That's my favourite subject too!" If you are asking a question, use a question mark. example: "Where are you from?" Use a comma when ( Full Answer )

What is the proper pronunciation of 'Celt'?

Celt can be pronounce with a soft 's' sound as selt or with a hard 'k' sound as kelt. . The original and most common form of pronunciation of Celt is with the hard 'k' sound.

What are words with silent letter t?

cachet, beret, chalet, castle, whistle, catch, watch, kitchen, chestnut, Christmas, fasten, listen, often, soften, mortgage, mustn't .

What are the ways of improving one's pronunciation?

Here are some good ways: . Read the words phonetically, sounding out each section. You might mis-pronounce something occasionally, but usually you will be more correct than if you just use dialect pronunciation . Don't drop or transpose letters - for example, say "crying" instead of "cryin" and ( Full Answer )

What words have a silent terminal t?

The silent terminal t is a French characteristic, and in the English language it is found only in words that have been borrowed from the French, such as coup d'état, or Stephen Colbert.

Is t silent in word mystery?

No the letter " T" isn't silent when pronouncing the word Mystery ....as you go to say the word you pronounc it miss-tor-e ....that's not the proper spelling but that's how you say the word when trying to sound it out . So all and all the letter "T" is not silent what so ever

What is the proper way to spell the word lesbien?

The word lesbian refers to a gay female, who is sexually attracted to other females. The correct spelling for this word is Lesbian, as shown in the Oxford English Dictionary.