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Q: What is the proper search oh a felon on probation in Arkansas?
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Can a felon get housing in Wisconsin if they finished their probation?

Can i get housing in wi im a felon but done with probation

Is not drinking one of the terms of your probation if you are on probation for a drug felony?

If your a felon you cant drink.

If charged with a felony and complete your probation are you consider a felon?

Yes, you are still a convicted felon, even after completing probation. You must get the conviction expunged to restore your rights.

can a convicted felon off probation hunt with a bow?


What if a felon was on three years of probation and never serve any time can he be allow to own a gun?

No. Probation is a sentence for being adjudged guilty. He is still a convicted felon.

Can a felon on probation work in a school in Louisiana?

A felon on probation can not work in a school in Louisiana. Most felony convictions are unable to work within a school environment in Louisiana.

Can Law enforcement search your home without a warrant if you have a felon on probation living in your home?

NoAnother View: Parole/Probation Officers when performing routine checks on the 'clients' assigned to them DO have the authority to perform a search of that individuals residence in order to determine whether the 'client' is obeying the conditions of their release.

Are there any laws or guidelines in the state of Florida in which a felony probation officer can violate someone if they come in contact with a convicted felon?

Yes, if you are convicted felon currently on probation you are not to have any kind of contact with any other convicted felon.

Can a person on misdemeanor probation live with a felon?

no they can not. especially if you have kids. if you have kids they can take them away from you for living with a felon

Can a felon regain his rights in Arkansas?


Can a convicted felon play in Arkansas?


Under the foa can you get a state job after your probation is done i have 8yrs of probation i ave done 3 will this still be on my record or will i be a convicted felon aall me life?

Once a felon always a felon unless you exsponge. This is very costly and you cant do it till your probation is over and it's at least 10 years old.