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Q: What is the protective adaptive feature if agama lizard to terrestial habitat?
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What happens in adaptive radiation?

Adaptive radiation occurs when a species occupies a habitat with unoccupied niches

Classifications of plants according to habitat?

There are three types of plant according to habitat, namely, TERRESTIAL PLANTS, AQUATIC AND MARINE PLANTS AND AERIAL PLANTS.

What is the area or ecosystem type to which an organism is well adaptive to live and reproduce?


Definition for adaptive characteristics?

The definition for adaptive characteristic is when an animal adapts to its habitat for survival. For instance, a Dingoe has fur color that is made to blend in with its surroundings.

what happens in Adaptation?

Adaptive radiation occurs when a species occupies a habitat with unoccupied niches

What is the feature of camel?

the feature of the camel is its humps. the humps are there to store water. there feature is well adapted to its habitat because it is dry and hot, the desert

Classification of animals according to habitat?

Animal HabitatsAnimal are found all over the world. In that case, there will be a lot places for them to live. They can be living underwater or on the land. Anywhere it is, it will be called as their habitat. As an example, tiger has a habitat in the forest. There are lots and lots more example but the habitat does NOT ALWAYS has food. It might only keep the food.

How do plants and animals survive in the ocean?

They posses adaptation feature to the marine habitat.

What is a giraffe's feature that shows how it adapt to its habitat?

The long neck on a giraffe allows it to reach the acacia leaves.

Why is radial symmetry adaptive for sessile animals in aquatic habitat?

Advantages - receiving signals from and moving away in every direction. Disadvantages - no complex brain system, i.e. no cephalization. Reduced speed.

Difference between a zoo and natural reserve?

The main difference between zoo animals and forest animals has a lot to do with how they are kept. Zoo animals are domesticated and learn to depend on others for food and the basic needs they encounter. forest animals depend on their instincts and their surroundings for their necessities.

What are the adaptive features of plants and fishes living in an estuarine habitat?

A freshwater habitat is a freshwater lake, river, aquarium, ect.