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A durable and storable writing paper.

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Q: What is the purpose for ancient parchment?
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What did the ancient Hebrews write on?

The Ancient Hebrews wrote on parchment made of animal hide, as well as stone structures.

What materials did ancient Egyptians use to write on?

Papyrus. It's like parchment.

What is the oldest known major literary work in the world?

The parchment from Ancient China.

What are writing surfaces used for ancient writings?

Animal skins, parchment, paper, stone.

A roll of parchment paper that usually has writing on it?

It's most likely a manuscript or a scroll, which is a long piece of parchment paper or papyrus with writing on it. These were commonly used in ancient times for documents, messages, or literary works.

What parchment was made of?

made from calfskin, sheepskin or goatskin, often split

How long lasts parchment paper?

Some ancient parchments that have been rediscovered have been dated as being thousands of years old

Where is the Parchment Community Library in Parchment located?

The address of the Parchment Community Library is: 401 South Riverview Drive, Parchment, 49004 1200

Is parchment a noun or an adverb?

What parchment a noun

What was the purpose of panathenaic games?

The purpose of these games in ancient Greece was to honor the goddess Athena.

A sentence with the word scribe?

The ancient scribe meticulously copied the text onto the parchment.

What were the ancient New Testaments written on?

The ancient New Testaments were written on papyrus, which was a material made from the pith of the papyrus plant. Papyrus sheets were formed by weaving together thin strips of the plant's stem and then dried to create a writing surface. Some early New Testament manuscripts were also written on parchment, which is a material made from animal hides.