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To see if there is something wrong with the structures contained in it.

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How UTIs diagnosed?

diagnosis for a urinary tract infection is made by assessing the symptoms, feeling (palpating) the abdomen for tenderness, and a urinalysis.

What is the purpose for IRS?

responsible for determining, assessing, and collecting internal revenue in the United States.

What the purpose of the abdominal muscles?

your abdomen, is the core of your body, that means it stabilices your body

When is Doppler Ultrasonography useful?

Specifically, it is useful in the work up of stroke patients, in assessing blood flow in the abdomen or legs, and in viewing the heart to monitor carotid artery diseases.

What is a trial balloon?

An international news leak for the purpose of assessing the political reaction. -source: AP US GOVERNMENT 13th edition.

What is the purpose of a urine culture?

A surgically-created opening in the abdomen for elimination of waste products (urine or stool).

What is the main purpose of the chemical light in the abdomen of a firefly?

The male firefly uses it to attract female fireflies.

What is the use of the hairy growth on the housefly's legs and abdomen?

The hairs on a housefly's legs and abdomen serve the same purpose as they do in humans. These hairs collect dirt and prevent them from getting inside the fly's body.

How do you spell assessing?

That is the correct spelling of the word "assessing" (evaluating, valuing).

What is the purpose of economic evaluation?

The purpose of economic evaluation is to assist policy makers in prioritising resource allocation in the health care sector, by assessing the value for money of alternative interventions (Drummond et al 2005).

What is the purpose of walking legs on a crayfish?

the purpose of walking legs on a crayfish are to help it move around. It mostly uses its tail since it is in water and can easily move with its abdomen muscles

In assessing hazards which lements make up the cross-matrix comparison to determine a risk level?

what is the purpose of feedback and lessons learned in the RM pross

In assessing hazards which elements?

In assessing hazards, which elements make up the cross-matrix

How do you say 'abdomen' in french?

abdomen (masc.)

What in our digestive system can become infected and have to be removed and has no purpose?

You are thinking of the appendix but it does have a purpose or we would have lost it long ago. The appendix is usually located in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen, near the right hip bone.Its' position within the abdomen corresponds to a point on the surface known as McBurney's point . It has an immunologic function like the spleen.

6 ways for assessing body fat content?

what are the 6 ways for assessing body fat content

Where are the regions of the abdomen located?

On the abdomen.

What is a animals abdomen called?

An abdomen

What is the best method for assessing obesity?

The best method for assessing obesity is to check the Body Mass Index (BMI).

How do you spell abdomen?

You have spelled abdomen correctly.

How do you say abdomen in Spanish?

el abdomen

Does a whale have abdomen?

Yes, whales do have an abdomen.

What part of speech is abdomen?

Abdomen is a noun.

What are the Implications of the form and content of knowledge when assessing machine intelligence?

What are the implications of the form and content of knowledge when assessing machine intelligence?

Location of bees sting thorax or abdomen?