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The purpose of a checking account statement, or any type of account statement for that matter, is to keep track of your account and make sure that no fraudulent activity is happening without your knowledge. Better to be safe than sorry!

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The purpose of a checking account verification is to ensure that you live at the address mentioned during the application and that all your documents check out.

"A high interst checking account is a type of checking account that earns interest. Usually these accounts have higher interest than a regular checking account, but not as high as a savings account."

The Balance, SOME info used to set up the account, and your banker

To keep track of the amount of money in your checking account

An online checking account allows you to view your balance and pay bills from your account. Some banks are starting to implement systems where you take a photo of your check and send it to your online account to deposit it.

It means to make sure the numbers the bank statement has matches what you have.

go to your bank and request a copy. if it is not your account you will need a justified cause and a court order.

Your acct no is on your checks or statement, you have to go in person for a new pin if you lost that.

A checking account is also called a transactional account or chequing account.

Most banks offer the following services along with a checking account to its customers.ATM/Debit cardCheck bookA passbook or monthly statementOnline bankingTelephone banking

Your bank routing number is on the left side of the checking account and the checking account is next to it.

A business checking account is different from a personal checking account by the minimum amount of desposit. You can read more at › Directory › Financial Services › Banking

In order to keep an accurate eye on one's finances, balancing and monitoring one's checking account helps out a great deal. It displays any irregularities and insures that you don't write a check that exceeds your account balance.

Yes! Creditors can garnish a personal checking account. As long as the creditor has the checking account info they can garnish a checking account.

a trust account means you trust the person that is opening the account, and a checking account means you will keep checking it to make everything is okay.

average return on a checking account is about 0.1

Yes it is required by law that you are 18+ to have a checking account.

Call your bank for an explanation of charges against your checking account. The number is on your statement. They're waiting for your call. Operators are standing by.

Yes. It is mandatory. The bank is supposed to send a periodic statement to its customer to ensure that the customer can keep track of what is happening in their bank account. However, if it is a passbook account, an account where the bank issues a passbook for the account, sending statements is not mandatory because the customer already has a book that contains those details.

First you have to go figure out what bank you want to get a checking account with, go to that bank, tell the person at the desk you want to open a checking account and then go on from there. You can also open a checking account over the phone or on the internet.

Signatory means that the person who owns the checking account has signed something linked to the checking account. This could be a document or a check.

It's easier to spend the money in a checking account.

At Chase, you can have a checking account with one of your parents if you are in high school.

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