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The spectorscope is used to mark wave lengths of light. :)

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Q: What is the purpose of a spectroscope?
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What is the purpose of the slit in the spectroscope?

The purpose of the slit in the spectroscope is to regulate the amount of light that comes in. Without the slit, light would come from various angles.

What is the purpose of using spectroscope?

to evaluate the effects on a beam of light when it is passed through certain substances.

When was the spectroscope invented?

the first spectroscope was invented in 1859 the first spectroscope was invented in 1859

What is the difference between a QA spectroscope and a tube spectroscope?

The difference between a tube style spectroscope and the QA spectroscope is the ability to read the scale on the QA spectroscope. Otherwise the functions are similar.

What is the plural of spectroscope?

The plural of spectroscope is spectroscopes.

Role of the diffraction grating in the spectroscope?

spectroscope and its roles

What is the definition of spectroscopy?

The use of the spectroscope; investigations made with the spectroscope.

What is a spectroscope?

a spectroscope is a device that breaks up light into a spectrum of colors.

How do you use the word spectroscope in a sentence?

A spectroscope in an instrument for observing a spectrum of light.

Who was the first to use a spectroscope?

Robert Bunsen and Gustav Kirchhoff were the inventors of the spectroscope.

When did Robert Bunsen invent the spectroscope?

The spectroscope was invented by Joseph von Fraunhofer in 1814.

What is stellar spectroscope?

A stellar spectroscope is made up of glass or prism defraction grating.