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The purpose of an admin login for ASP is to allow an admin to log in remotely and access various website functions to perform maintenance remotely if needed, or even on site if it is required.

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Q: What is the purpose of an admin login for ASP?
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What does the login mean when followed by asp?

The ASP stands for active server pages. It is a type of scripting. Login scripts normally use them to communicate with the login server easily. It is easier and more effective than HTML.

What does the asp in login.asp stand for?

Asp stands for application service provider in the phrase login.asp. It stands for this because there is a service provider associated with every login. This is a common monitoring practice among login sites.

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What do you do when a kid locks your computer?

In windows XP, you can login with administrater as username and admin as password.

What are The Default Netgear Orbi Login Credentials?

The Netgear orbi login credentials can be located form the manual booklet that comes with the product; however, the default credentials are admin as the default login username and password as the default login password.

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You could as long as you are login at the ADmin account

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