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a apology letter is when you are feeling sorry for what you did or what has happened in the past like me wrighting to billy bobs becouse my children were being hectic and out of control which was inappropriate something like that

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An apology letter is written to express regret, take responsibility for one's actions, and ask for forgiveness. It can help repair relationships, demonstrate accountability, and show sincerity in seeking to make amends for a mistake or wrongdoing.

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Basically you need to let your feelings out. Tell them how you feel, because saying sorry isn't enough, they still won't accept it. Maybe give them a little gift or something? x If you know what they like then whip up a prezzie they love that they have been DYING to have, they could just say; apology accepted. ♡ snap like that, and maybe even put a 'xo' at the end. Here are some other ways that could help: -Write a loooong (well not really long!) letter that would make the person you're apoligising with, feel emotional, or maybe even feel a bit sorry for you. -Make the letter emotional. You can add more interesting words instead of like, 'sad' or 'forgive me', make words like 'miserable' or 'downhearted' it always works. So those are just some stuff for you, hope this helped! ^.^

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Q: What is the purpose of an apology letter?
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How to write Apology letter for unable to join at promised date?

When writing an apology letter make sure it shows a sincere apology. Explain the reasons on why you apologize and give some details.

DUI Apology Letter to the court?

A driving under the influence apology letter can be read to the court during sentencing. The letter should be submitted to the judge before the sentencing.

How do you write a letter of apology?

A letter of apology is a message sent in an attempt to make amends for some kind of fault or error. Absolutely everything you need to know to write a great personal or business letter of apology can be found by using the link below to Perfect Apology. The ingredients of a Perfect Apology are simple and very easy to include in any written or verbal apology. Note that the site also includes excellent tips and tricks, as well as some do's and don't's associated with any apology.

Apology letter to people you love?

I find the following source useful for sample letters. A sample apology letter is also included. See if it helps.

What i write if i do an apology letter to my teacher?

Be very truthful

What is the meaning of the letter of apology?

something when you feel sorry about it.

What is the meaning of an apology letter?

something when you feel sorry about it.

What is a proper way to sign a letter of apology?


Apology letters on misbehavior?

When instructed to write an apology letter for misbehaving, it is best to keep the letter short and to the point. Be polite, apologize for your indiscretion, and keep the excuses to a minimum.

What are the release dates for Howard Stern on Demand - 2005 Artie's Apology Letter?

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How can we write an apology letter?

The best way to write an apology letter is: Say how sorry you are at the begging of the letter Say what you've done. Say why you've done it. How your going to fix this problem. Say how much you love them. And the end the letter with a sorry.

What was included in the De Lone letter?

An apology to the U.S. government