Borax (sodium borate)

What is the purpose of borax in soldering?

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What is the purpose of borax in bath fizzies?

Borax is a water softener. In addition it has antimicrobial properties

What is the purpose of electronics in a soldering exercises?

It's the other way round, soldering is used in electronics.

What is the purpose of soldering?

Soldering is the process of using a bubble of hot metal to bond two electronic components or circuits together.

Is Borax and Suhaga the same thing?

When people in India refer to Borax, they write Suhaga. In some recipies for medicine from India they write Suhaga first and Borax in brackets. By this I draw the conclusion that the difference in name is only to do with the language, not any difference in the actual product. Suhaga can also refer to soldering flux, which is made with a solution of borax and water.

What gas is mixed with oxygen in an oxygen tube?

For purpose of soldering the gas is acetylene.

Can you use borax in biguanide pool?

Not recommended. For what purpose would you intend to use the Borax? This is not a regularly used product for pools in most areas of the country.

What is the purpose of soldering and desoldering and related precautions?

Soldering is the process by which two or more conductive metal are joined by melting a metal (the solder) into the junction to ensure an electrical connection. De-soldering is the process of removing the solder to permit troubleshooting or the removal of components.

Can baking soda be substituted for borax?

They are certainly not the same thing, but it depends on your purpose if you can substitute them or not! If you are cooking and the recipe calls for baking soda, borax can definitely notbe used! But if you are using baking soda for cleaning, borax is also a good cleaning agent.

What is the purpose of borax?

Hello, ive been a scientist for over 10 years and ive seen many projects done by students. One project that involves Borax a laundry detergent is forming crystals or snowflakes. Borax contains sodium which is salt so Borax can make crystals under heat. Borax is known to be used as laundry detrgent. So i hope this helped thank you for reading.

Why lead is used for soldering purpose?

Because it melts easily and is good in a solder mixture to hold wires together.

What is the best soldering iron and tip to use on circuit boards?

Soldering irons come in a variety of sizes and shapes. There is a wide selection of soldering irons, soldering pencils, soldering stations and soldering guns available on market in the USA.Which soldering iron is the best soldering iron for you depends on the soldering work you are planning to do and how often you are planning on using your soldering iron. The following four factors should be taken into consideration when picking a soldering iron that will be used for soldering projects on circuit boards:1) ) type of the soldering tools2 wattage of the soldering iron3)temperature control4) tip size and shapeTypes of soldering toolsAll soldering tools can be divided in four different groups-Soldering pencils-Soldering station-Soldering rework /repair stations systems-Soldering gunsSoldering pencilsSoldering pencils are the simplest (and the cheapest) soldering tool. Soldering pencils are good only for simple do-it-yourself projects. The price range of the soldering pencils is $10-$30Soldering stationsSoldering station consists of two parts: soldering pencil and a power station. Soldering pencil is attached to a power station. Power station controls temperature of the iron tip in the wide range. It automatically keeps the iron tip at an appropriate temperature. Desired temperature of soldering iron is set with knob on the face plate of power station. Soldering station can be used for most of soldering projects. It can be used for soldering of through-hole components on circuit board as well as for soldering of very fine surface-mount components as small as 0603 and 0805. The price range of the soldering stations is $40-$150.Soldering rework /repair stations systemsSoldering rework/repair systems are complex soldering tools which are mostly used in industry or in the high-volume manufacturing facilities. This soldering systems are the most expensive soldering tools since they usually consist of power station and 4 or 5 hand pieces including soldering iron, hot-air gun, tweezers , vacuum pump which is used for the de-soldering work. The price range of the soldering systems is $250-$2500.Soldering gunsI do not recommend using soldering guns for fine soldering projects on circuit boards.The most popular brand names for soldering irons in the USA are Weller, Pace and Hakko. Aoyue soldering irons are less popular brand name in the United States then Weller or Pace. However, Aoyue soldering irons are much cheaper and they are good combination of quality and price.There is a wide selection of iron tips. Iron tips come in different shapes and sizes. For most soldering projects you can use screwdriver tip 0.062" or 0.032". For fine soldering projects and for soldering of small surface-mount components you can use conical tip 1/16".ConclusionI recommend a temperature controlled 50W soldering station. This soldering station will be excellent tool for most of soldering projects. My top recommendations are:-Weller WESD51 soldering station (digital)- Weller WES51 soldering station (analog)- Hakko FX-888 soldering station- Aoyue 2702A soldering station- Pace ST-25 soldering station

Where can I go to get some information on soldering iron?

When you use a soldering iron you would be soldering some kind of metal frame or something because soldering irons are irrelevant to soldering iron. Sorry, not applicable.

Is flour borax?

No, Flour is not borax

What is borax solution?

borax solution is half a cup of water and 1 tablespoon of borax

Is borax in tide detergent?

Tide does not contain borax as such but contain the same chemical as borax.

What is soldering iron and how do you use it?

Soldering iron is used in heating the metal for soldering. If you want to learn more about soldering iron visit

Are borax and mule team borax the same thing?

20 Mule Team Borax is just a brand name of borax. They are the same thing.

How do you make goop with out borax?

you can't you have to have borax

What will happen if borax was on your arm?

Borax is harmless.

Is borax an acid?

no, borax is like an alkaline

What is the color of borax?

Powdered borax is white.

What is borax called in Spain?


What is the definition of soldering stand?

soldering iron stand use for the electricians to easily the soldering iron make stand

What is the difference of a soldering iron and a soldering gun?

A soldering iron is a straight tool, sort of like a long screwdriver. A soldering gun actually looks like a gun or a drill.

Where does soldering gun came from?

From a soldering gun supply store