What is the purpose of chromosomes?

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Storage location of DNA, and are used to pass on genetic traits.
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What is a chromosome?

A chromosome is a threadlike strand of DNA in the cell nucleus that carries the genes in a linear order. It is also known as tightly wound DNA. It is a structure that DNA wraps around. MORE INFORMATION: A chromosome is an organized structure of DNA and protein that is found in cells. It is ( Full Answer )

What is your purpose?

To be God's creature. To Learn. To Serve. To Heal. To Educate. To Protect the environment. To Live and Let Live. To Protect Wildlife. To Experience. To Gain Enlightenment. To Be. To Do. ♥But, most importantly, to know and attain the ultimate Balance.♥

What is chromosome?

A chromosome is an 'X' shaped gene which contains DNA, found inside living cells. Chromosomes are easily seen using a microscope and are normally invisible most of the time (this period of time called 'interphase') but become visible when the cell starts to multiply.

What is chromosomes?

The small bodies in the nucleus of a cell that carry the chemical"instructions" for reproduction of the cell. They consist ofstrands of DNA wrapped in a helix around a core of proteinChromosomes are thread-like structures that are found in thenucleus of a cell.

What are chromosomes?

Basically is genetic info. Different organisms have different types of chromosomes. In bacteria (prokaryotic cells) a chromosome consists of a loop of DNA; it has no end. Along the length of the DNA are segments called genes, which contain information that the cell uses for growth and devel ( Full Answer )

What do chromosomes do?

They carry the tens of thousands of traits that are inside you to make you look like who you are. During sexual reproduction your Parents give you half of each of their Genome; which are copies of theirs. Some of the traits may be dominant, which shows [are expressed] over the recessive traits ( Full Answer )

Is chromosome Y an acrocentric chromosome?

A chromosome is determined to be metacentric, acrocentric or telocentric by the location of its centromere. Centromeres are the point of attachment of two sister chromatids. Sister chromatids are formed during DNA replication prior to mitosis or meiosis. Chromosome Y by itself (when it is not replic ( Full Answer )

What does a Chromosome do?

\n. A chromosome makes you who you are. \n\nIn a cell, the chromosomes are located in the nucleus, the 'brain' of the cell. they are like the DNA, but not specifically. there is actual DNA for that. in a cell, the chromosomes are located in the nucleus, the 'brain' of the cell. they are like the D ( Full Answer )

What is purpose?

Purpose can refer to when someone has a reason for doing something.If something has a purpose, then there is a use for it, and areason for it to be around, and in use.

What is a purpose?

to state a definite question or problem.Purpose gives direct, narrows scope, and provides a specific intent.

What if you have less chromosomes?

I am aware of three genetic disorders involving extra chromosomes. I know of none involving less chromosomes.

When are chromosomes visible?

Chromosomes are visible during prophase. Chromosomes are onlyvisible in cells during the cell division because the DNA andprotein that the chromosomes are made of are spread throughout thenucleus.

What is an chromosome?

Chromosomes are rod-shaped structures usually found in pairs in the nucleus of a cell. They contain information determining characteristics of an organism when it is reproduced.

Is chromosomes and chromosomal the same thing?

which plant?. The chromosome count varies with the species of plant under consideration. Plants have also know to have multiple chromosome doublings - that is sudden creation of species which have 2 3 or even 4 times the proper number of chromosome in their cells. The most notable example of this i ( Full Answer )

Where are the chromosomes?

Chromosomes are the rod-shaped, filamentous bodies present in the nucleus, which become visible during cell division. They are the carriers of the gene or unit of heredity. Chromosome are not visible in active nucleus due to their high water content, but are clearly seen during cell division.

What is the purpose of the chromosomes?

It's found in the nucleus of almost all living sells and it carries genetic information also known as DNA which basically works out how your body is to function and grow.

Where are chromosomes?

Chromosomes are the rod-shaped, filamentous bodies present in the nucleus, which become visible during cell division. They are the carriers of the gene or unit of heredity. Chromosome are not visible in active nucleus due to their high water content, but are clearly seen during cell division..

What is the chromosomes?

Chromosomes are structures composed of DNA and proteins. They carry the genetic information of the cell. In eukaryotic cells they are located in the nucleus.

What do you get chromosomes from?

you have 2 sets of chromosomes and you get one set from your mother and one from you father. they're made of nucleic acids

What does your chromosome do?

Chromosomes carry genes (genes are short lengths of chromosomes) there are 23 pairs of chromosomes and they each contain alleles (different copies of the same gene) in the same place on each chromomsome.

What is chromosome'?

In the nucleus of each cell, the DNA molecule is packaged intothread-like structures called chromosomes.

What is the purpose of chromosomes in the nucleus of a cell?

The purpose of chromosomes in the nucleus of a cell is to contain genetic information that tells the cell what to do, how to behave etc. Chromosomes also contain the information that determines what you look like; whether you have brown hair, blue eyes etc.

What is the term for chromosomes that are not sex chromosomes?

Chromosomes that aren't sex chromosomes are called autosomes.There are 44 autosomes in a normal human somatic cell and 22 innormal human gametes. . The only chromosomes that affect the sex of an organism is the Xand/or Y chromosome. XX = Female and XY = Male.

What is the purpose of purpose?

Answer 1 Question is its own answer, like the sound of one hand clapping. Answer 2 The purpose for having purpose is so that goals can be achieved in a directed manner. If an object's purpose is unknown, it cannot be effectively used. For example, a computer has the purpose of being an interf ( Full Answer )

Where are your chromosomes?

Chromosomes are located in the nuclei (singlular form: nucleus) of each cell in your body.

Why do you have chromosomes?

To store genetic information. Each cell in our bodies has over six feet of DNA. If that was all crumpled up and thrown in the cell, it would create a jumbled mess. Chromosomes contain spirals of compacted DNA neatly packaged and easily accessible by the cell. When a specific piece of data is needed ( Full Answer )

Why are Chromosomes called Double Chromosomes?

After DNA replication, there are double the number of chromosomes, which will be divided into two identical daughter nuclei during mitosis. For example, a normal human body cell has 46 chromosomes. When it undergoes DNA replication, the chromosomes are doubled so that there will be 92 chromosome ( Full Answer )

Which chromosomes are human sex chromosomes?

The X and Y chromosomes of the [Sex] Chromosome 23 [pair] - when two X gametes mate a female is created and when one X gamete combines with one Y gamete a male is formed.

What are the characteristics of chromosomes?

chromosomes are the carriers of genetic information they are constant in number in all body cells according to the species (humans,and differs between animals themselves) there number is 46 in humans organized in pairs (23 pairs) the first 22 pairs are called autosomes and the last pair is the gonos ( Full Answer )

Why are chromosomes in your bodies?

All humans have 46 chromosomes (23 pairs). in the nucleus of every single cell in our body, excluding the red blood cell which has no nucleus. Each pair of chromosomes has certain genetic coding (one set from each parent). Without these chromosomes sperm and eggs wouldn't know what to do in order ( Full Answer )

What is the stuture of chromosomes?

Chromosomes are (usually) X-shaped and consist of condensed DNA (chromatin) coiled around proteins called histones like yarn around a spool.

What chromosomes do Guevodoces have?

Guevodoces have the usual XY male chromosomes. The apparent lack of male genitalia at birth is due to a hormonal deficiency that causes a reduced response to testosterone during fetal sexual development. As a result, the baby boy has small and ambiguous genitalia until sex hormones surge at puberty, ( Full Answer )

What is Chromosomal Theory?

it explains occurrence of organelles like chloroplasts and mitochondria but not the enveloping of genetic material in the nucleus

Which chromosome causes the chromosome disorder?

There really is no chromosome disorder, only if the subject has two Y chromosomes or has one X chromosome or one Y chromosome. Then the pairs will not match up and cause disorders such as down syndrome.

What is a circular chromosome?

A circular chromosome is, essentially, exactly what it sounds like: a chromosome (strand of DNA that carries the genetic information of an organism) that is circular. Circular chromosomes are found in prokaryotes such as bacteria, as well as in mitochondria and chloroplasts. Eukaryotic cells, on the ( Full Answer )

What is a example of chromosome?

A chromosome is something found in the nucleus of every living cell. Chromosomes contain DNA, Which is literally a strand of genetic information, that determines who you are, E.G- Eye colour and hair colour are usually genetic. You can't really have an example of a chromosome, because a chromosome i ( Full Answer )

Where do you get chromosomes from?

Chromosomes are inherited from parents - in sexually reproducing organisms, such as humans - half of the chromosomes come from each parent. You get chromosomes from nucleus of the cell.

What is the chromosomal abnormality in the 23th chromosome?

Well there is actually several. There is XXY, Klinefelter: XYY, "Super male": XXX, perfectly normal but still a abnormality: and XO or Turner syndrome, sterile female, small stature, normal intelligence. These are the most well documented but I am sure there is more out there.

What chromosome is the sex determining chromosome?

That would be the chromosome number 23. Regarding the [sex] chromosome number 23, the female gametes always have a [haploid] X chromatid, whereas the male gametes are just as likely to possess a [haploid] X chromatid as they are to possess a [haploid] Y chromatid.

What is a chromosome-?

Chromosome is having more than one X gene. Having more than one Xchromosome cause down syndrome.