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The roller coaster track IS the roller coaster! With out the track there would be no roller coaster! The roller coaster train runs on the track!

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2011-01-04 13:44:09
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Q: What is the purpose of roller coaster tracks?
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Where is static friction in roller coaster?

Static friction is where the roller coaster touches the tracks.

What was the first roller coaster tracks made of?


What keep a roller coaster ride smooth?

the tracks

Who drives the roller coaster?

No one drives a roller coaster. A roller coaster runs on tracks. Most roller coasters are pulled up an incline by a chain lift and then gravity propels them from there. Some newer roller coasters are using magnets to propel the roller coaster.

What helps keep a roller coaster ride smooth?

the tracks

What was the purpose of the roller coaster?

to have fun

Is iron used in roller coasters?

Yes, in the tracks and the wheels the roller coaster cart rests on.

How do you build a roller coaster on roller coaster tycoon 3?

See the straight coaster picture and curve ones? Click on them to build a piece. Its the same as the turn tracks and straights.

What keeps the roller coaster from falling of the track?

The wheels are on top, between and below the tracks.

What was the first roller coaster ever?

First Roller Coaster:The first roller coaster opened in 1804, in Paris, and it was named the Russian Mountains. This roller coaster got its name from the popular ice sleds that were referred to as Russian Mountains. It had small carriages that would slide down tracks. Most of the carriages would fall off of the tracks on their way to the bottom. Believe it or not, despite the dangers of the Russian Mountains roller coaster, the people of Paris could not resist the thrilling ride.

Does a roller coaster use static friction?

yes; wherever the coaster touches the tracks there is static friction pressing against it and it pressing against the tracks, thus keeping it from flying off.

Does the roller coaster need kinetic energy to move down the tracks?

If its moving it has kinetic energy

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