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Its a 20mm weaver rail. So almost ALL scope mounts will fit on it

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Q: What is the rail size of an airsoft agm l96 awp spring airsoft sniper gun od?
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What is the rail size on a IU-L96 airsoft sniper?

You will have to contact the maker to find out.

Do all airsoft scopes fit on airsoft sniper rifles?

No it depends, you need to check the rail size of your rifle, then the sort of rail that the scope can attach to. These are some standard airsoft scopes, check your gun rail size first though!

What is the rail size of a DBoy KAR98K Airsoft gun?

34 inches.

How do you measure mm on an airsoft ris rail?

Most airsoft RIS rails are the same size. it is safe to assume that an optic, light or otherwise will fit on any Weaver, Picitanny, or 20mm rail.

What is a weaver scope on an airsoft gun?

weaver refers to the type of scope mounts the scope uses. a weaver scope can mount on any rail size.

Does using a bigger battery in your airsoft gun increase its fps?

No, The battery size determines the Rate of Fire or how fast it shoots. The fps is determined by the spring.

Can you use real gun scopes on airsoft guns?

you can, but it depends on the airgun. Most spring airguns but two-directional shock on rifle scopes and can wreck them. You can usually get airgun scopes for pretty cheap though. Mostly though, it depends on the gun and the scope.

Are all airsoft clips the same size?


What is the airsoft M1911A1 BB size?


Can airsoft guns take all size ammo?

If there's varying sizes of airsoft pellets, then each size will only work for airsoft guns intended to take that size pellet. Others will be either too small or too large, and could end up damaging your airsoft gun, or even getting stuck in the barrel.

What is the right bb size for 325 fps?

BB's for air guns (NOT airsoft) only come in one size .175 commonly referred to as .177 caliber. If you want to know about airsoft BB's then you need to put the question in the "Airsoft category."

How do you fit a Matrix mosquito airsoft mini grenade launcher on an airsoft gun?

In order to mount anything to your gun, you will need one with a mounting rail. Common mounting rails are the Piccanty and Weaver rails, also know as RIS and RAS. If your gun as a 20mm rail of either kind, you have to attach the grenade launcher and tighten the included screw so it doesn't fall off. If your gun does have a mounting rail, the easiest way to find if it is the right size would be to find your gun at an online store, such as amazon, airsplat, or pyramid air, then check the specifications.