What is the rainbow nation?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: What is the rainbow nation?
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How do you say we are a rainbow nation in isiZulu?

we are a rainbow nation

What is you are a rainbow nation in Zulu?

is we are a rainbow nation in zulu

Because of it's ethnic diversity South Africas nickname is what?

Rainbow Nation.

What are the colors for Africa?

we are a rainbow nation:)

What is South Africa known as?

the Rainbow nation

What do you say for we are a rainbow nation in French?

Nous sommes la nation arc-en-ciel

Did Nelson Mandela have a vision?

yes he did he had a vision of the rainbow nation

Who called South Africa the Rainbow nation?

Desmond Tutu.

Why is Africa the rainbow nation?

South Africa is called the Rainbow Nation as a tribute to its ethnically and culturally diverse population, its multiculturalism, egalitarianism and colorful flag.

What nation was responsible for bombing the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior?

the answer is france

Why is 'the Rainbow Nation' the nickname of South Africa?

Please see answer atWhy_is_south_africa_called_the_rainbow_nation

How do you say in sotho we are a rainbow nation?

Ke lebelletse sefakotswane sa rona.