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Astatine is considered the rarest naturally occurring element on Earth. It is extremely radioactive and is typically only found in trace amounts in uranium and thorium ores.

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Q: What is the rarest naturally occurring element?
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What is the rarest element on earth?

In the earth Astatine is rarest naturally occurring element, less than 30 grams for entire crust.

Name the element found in small amounts?

The rarest naturally occurring element is astatine (At), with an estimate of only 25 grams in the earths crust. The rarest man-made element is francium, which has a half life of only 20 minutes, and must be constantly produced in order to be studied.

What is the average of all the naturally occurring isotopes of a particular element?

The average of all the naturally occurring isotopes of a particular element are an element's atomic Mass.

How many electrons does the heaviest naturally occurring element have?

The heaviest naturally occurring element is uranium, and it has 92 electrons.

Is xenon synthetic?

No, xenon is a naturally occurring chemical element that is part of the noble gases group on the periodic table. It is found in trace amounts in the Earth's atmosphere and is extracted through the process of fractional distillation of liquid air.

What is the naturally occurring actinide that is used in nuclear reactors?

We look to the naturally occurring element uranium as a nuclear fuel.

Is iron a naturally occurring element?

yes, element 26 (Fe)

Which element is more common man made or naturally occurring?

Naturally occuring.

Does polonium occur naturally?

Yes. but it is a very rare naturally occurring element.

Is oxygen natural?

Oxygen is a naturally occurring element.

What is a naturally occurring element that is radioactive?

Uranium and Plutonium

Where was aluminum originated?

Aluminum is an naturally occurring element