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It should be stamped on the barrel


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Retail, about $900 for a Hunter model and $1000 for a Stainless Stalker.

All weapons exhibit preferences for different makers and projectile weights. Only way to know is to buy as many as you can afford and shoot.

The bullet leaves the muzzle at ABOUT 2950 fps, with 3091 ft lbs of energy. If zeroed for 200 yards, at 300 it will drop 6.8 inches below line of sight, at 400 19.6 inches, and at 500, 39.8 inches- and at 500 yards will still be traveling at 2060 fps, and 1,507 ft lbs of energy.

The Browning 2007 Product Catalog states that the A-Boltchambered for 25WSSM with a 22" barrel has a 1 in 10" rate of twist.

Try the Browning customer service dept at link below

The "rate of twist on rifling" is caliber specific. To give you an answer we would need to know which cartridge the rifle is chambered for.

It may be different depending on the year and the caliber, but recent catalogs show that the few A-Bolts witha 24" barrel have a rate of twist at 1-10"

According to this web site: It is one turn in 9"

you will need to call Browning.Browning chose a 1"in 14"twist rate for all rifles chambered in 22-250 caliber.

According to Linda in the customer service department at Browning Winchester at (800) 945-5237 the 12 Ga models have a 1 in 28 twist rate.

Although both are interchangeable, a true Sweet 16 barrel will have three holes drilled through the barrel band. This was one of the ways Browning lightened the barrel. The rib will also be a smidge thinner than on a regular barrel.

You need a trained Browning gunsmith

I think 1 in 14, this is because it is intended for light bullets 50 gr and under. It would be cool if the twist was faster and you could shoot heavier bullets effectively but there would be way tooooooooooo much heat for that little barrel and it just wouldn't last!

It will be marked on the barrel. The barrel is marked "Made in Portugal".

You will need to call Browning or take it to a gunsmith.

The Browning web site has a search function that will assist you.

You must call Browning with the serial number.

It depends on the barrel length. Please re-ask the question with the length. Serial number would help as well, so you can get the ROT for that same year.

Try in the barrel section.

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