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Shijia Lü plays Liang in 2010's The Karate Kid.

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Her name in the movie is Mei-Ying. In real life, her name is WeWen Han.

The real actor not sure but the name in movie is zhao which I believe that he also is on the crane wushu school team

No, it is just a movie. There is no real life Karate Kid. However Jaden Smith was trained by Wu Gang for 3 months before shooting began. Wu Gang is a member of JC Stunt Team and was also the stunt coordinator for the movie.

Nicole is her real name same as in the movie.

the name in the movie orphan as (Esther) her name is Isabelle Fuhman

Her real name is Vanessa, but Gabriella is her name in the movie.

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Her Name She Used In The Movie When She Pretended To Be A Kid Was : Esther Coleman. Her REAL Name That She Kept Secret In The Movie Was Leena Klammer. And Her REAL-LIFE ACTRESS NAME Is : Isabelle Fuhrman :]

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I wish her real name was Mazie, but it's Huck.

Someone said Willy but i want the real name not the fake movie name!

"Kara" means "empty" "te"means "hand" Karate = Empty Hand!

He's not featured in the movie.

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partially real, partially animated.

His real name is wayno it actually gets quoted in the movie in the message he sends his dad

A video game movie with real people is Silent Hill.

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