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Q: What is the real name of prateek in ra one?
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What is the real name for Abu Talib?

The real name of Hazrat Abu Talib (RA) is IMRAN

What is senkhA ra real name in house of anubis?

sophiya haque

What is the real name of Bohemia Punjabi rapper?

His real name is Roger David but he also goes by Ra (short for Raja ).

What did the ancient Egyptians believe about their name?

The ancient Egyptians believed that names were almost sacred. That knowing someone's name gave you power over that person. Therefore, some Egyptians did not give out their real name. The god Ra is an example. Ra was not the real name of the sun god. His name was kept secret so that no one would have power over him.

Does any one know the name tatra?

One of my friend's name is Tatra. Everyone pronounces it "Tat-ra" but its really "Tate-ra". Hope that helps. One of my friend's name is Tatra. Everyone pronounces it "Tat-ra" but its really "Tate-ra". Hope that helps.

Does ra the god of sun does ra the eygptian god have and weekneses?

yes because Isis knows his real name so she practically owns him

What is the real chant to ra?

the real chant to ra is saying romance and being a monster like she wants us to be

What is the story of ra one?

Ra.One is about a game maker named Shekar Subramaniam who is a game designer in London and has been assigned by his company (Barron Industries) To create a new game. Shekar asks his wife, Sonia Sumbramaniam and his son, Prateek (who is a game addict) for any ideas. Prateek comes up with an idea of the mightiest villain who can never lose and because Shekar loves his son so much, he decides to take his sons idea and put it forward, this villain that Prateek wanted is Ra.One, the mightiest and immortal villain ever. But as well as having a villain, Shekar also makes a hero of the game because Shekar believes in goodness and believes that good always comes before evil, This hero is Ra.One. On the day when the game is released, Prateek sees the trailer of the game and he wants to play it and then Shekar gives him permission to play the game. While Shekar, his company, his wife and his friends are having a party, Prateek is playing the game Ra.One and his name in gaming is 'Lucifer' Prateek reaches level 2 and almost defeats Ra.One and then when they try shutting the game down, they can't because Ra.One is controlling the game, and he says that Lucifer must die because he almost beat Ra.One. Ra.One comes out of the game to search for Lucifer, until the same night, when Ra.One is released out of the game, he transforms into a man named Akashi who is one of Shekar's friends and uses his appearance so he will not be recognized as Ra.One in the real world. Shekar knows so he tries to run away but as he is trying, Ra.One becomes face to face with him and then Ra.One kills Shekar... With Shekar dead, Sonia is a widow and Prateek has no father. Prateek comes to Shekar's office with Jenny (Sonia's friend) and they realize that Ra.One did kill Shekar also he killed Akashi. Eventually Ra.One knows that Lucifer is Prateek so he chases after Sonia and Prateek when they are trying to go to the airport, while Jenny is releasing someone important someone who can stop Ra.One. Ra.One, Sonia and Prateek reach a factory and then as soon as Ra.One was going to hit Sonia and Prateek, G.One comes and saves the day. While Sonia and Prateek are escaping, G.One tricks Ra.One to go to the top and G.One makes Ra.One smash into pieces and his parts are then in the ground, but G.One has took his HART (Hertz Amplifying Resonance Transmitter) Ra.One is still in London, but then G.One catches up with Sonia and Prateek and they all go to India together. When they get there they still have the HART of Ra.One and it is possible that Ra.One will be back to find his HART because Ra.One isnt dead or destroyed yet. In London, electricity is powered and then Ra.One comes back to life but then finds his true body, a human which he is. Ra.One goes to Barron Industries in London and then he finds out that Prateek has gone to India and of course he follows them there. It is Prateeks birthday and they are at his party , while a dance is going on Ra.One comes and he turns into Sonia, corrupting Sonia's mind. The real Sonia is on a train which will never stop and Ra.One takes Prateek and kidnaps him. G.One knows and then he saves Sonia and then promises her that Prateek will NOT be hurt. G.One fights Ra.One and then on level 3, G.One shoots the real Ra.One and then G.One takes in all of Ra.One back... Which means the story has come to an end. Prateek wants G.One to stay as a father, but he can't because he has Ra.One inside him and he needs to take him back to the world where they came from, and with that G.One disappears leaving his HART. Prateek picks the HART and they go back to London, when 8 Months later, Prateek reaches the point and then G.One comes back to life... But then it ends there. Who knows what could happen next with G.One? Ra.One Directed By Anubhav Sinha :)

Who was the mother of Ra?

what was the name of abubakar ra s mothers name

Why did they call ra ra?

Ra is a old name, possibly the origin of "Ray".

What is an early nonscientific name for the sun?

One name is Sol. And the Egyptians used to call it Ra.

What is the meaning of adorit?

There is no such word as "adorit". Please check the spelling?