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well, the biggest and most obvious reason is that dog loves humans. it doesnt matter if you are the dog's owner or not. They still know that for the most part, they are safe with humans. So, they walk on the left side to prtect you from the cars (if you are walking on a sidewalk). They want to be the first one to be hit if a car is about to hit you. dogs are sweet, i know


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If you mean on a leash, then yes. Well you should if your dog has a problem of running away from you while you're walking him. If you have the type of dog to always stay by your side while walking outside, then it is not necessary.

Walking the Dog was created in 1963.

For example if you would fall on mistake to your left your dog could protect you from falling in the street.

NO, As far as I know, There is no reason why a dog cannot walk on a bridge.

When I was training my dog, I was always told that you should train them to walk on the right side of the sidewalk. Even then, I always see owners walking their dog on the left side of the sidewalk. I do not think they walk on one side unless they were trained to do so or if the owner is taking up the other half of the walkway. I hope this is what you meant, otherwise, I'm sorry I don't have that answer.

While it technically doesn't matter what side you walk your dog on if you are going to do real obedience your dog should be on the left side.The left generally but it is not really that important. There are many different ways to teach your dog to walk on a loose leash obediently.

Any side. But normally in dog books they say that the left side is normally the correct side. You can look on other dog training sites for help. The command is called 'Heel.' Sources: Dog Training books that I've read.

Depends on how fast the dog is walking/ running.greyhounds run pretty fast but a walking dog could go about 5 km in an hour

If your female dog is walking around panting and not sleeping, she may be in labor of she is pregnant. Otherwise, your dog may have a fever or be too hot for some other reason. Make sure your dog has access to clean water and call the vet if the behavior continues.

you have to be 8 or 9 to start a dog walking business.

u can be 13 to be a dog walker. You don't need a licence to walk a dog

What ever your name is and then's dog walking service or... professional dog walking you could also say that you charge blank an hour

If a dog is in pain it is advised to see a vet. Pain in their side could be something life threatening.

i think its this man how is blind and his dog has never left his side and they live under a brige

I am walking my dog is "je promène mon chien" from the verb promener.

as soon as you get the dog

Found a hard lump on the side of my dog. Not sore to touch. No tick entrance. Solid mase not liquid

a tumor, or your dog bumped into something, or has a cut infection.

easy. u shouldn't name ur dog walking company.

You put it on in such a way that when the dog is on your left, where it should be when walking it, when you pull up on it it pulls tighter.

form_title=Dog Walking form_header=Looking for someone to walk your dog? Professional dog walking services will make sure your four legged friend gets the exercise he or she needs. Does your dog have any mobility restrictions?*= () Yes () No Is your dog trained to walk on a leash?*= () Yes () No Does your dog get along with other dogs?*= () Yes () No Breed of dog?*= _[50]

Walking a dog is free, because you just walk it around your neighborhood or something like that.

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