What is the reason some men become gay?

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2017-03-27 03:27:11

No straight person can become gay. Ever. Sexual orientation is

not a choice; it is not changeable under any circumstances.

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2017-03-27 03:25:48

  • Gay people are human beings of all types from all cultures
  • Most educated people (doctors, psychologists, scientists)

    believe no one becomes gay, we are born with our sexual orientation

    intact. Just like some people are born with blue eyes and some are

    born with brown eyes.

  • As high as 10% of any given society is gay. This percentage

    varies dramatically depending on whose research is considered!

People do not become gay, they are either heterosexual,

homosexual or bisexual. If you believe somebody became gay because

they were straight before then maybe they were actually bisexual

all along.

Ummm...the answer you seek: "I woke up one day at 12 yrs old and

decided to be gay and risk being the recipient of rampant

homophobia for the rest of my life.", does not exist. Sexuality I

believe is gene printed and in a healthy, normal environment we set

out on a journey, or 'odyssey' of sexual discovery. No one makes

you or forces you to be gay. You're not gay because of an

overbearing mother or weak/absent father...you just are what you


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