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because it has plenty of minerals and vitamins in it

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Yes-- no known life forms live without water , either directly or indirectly, by being parasitic on life that requires water.

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Every living thig on Earth needs it.

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Yes, water is essential for life.

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Q: What is the reason water is essential for all living things?
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The important solvent associated with living things is?

Water. However, it is NOT a universal solvent... If it were, what would you keep it in???

Sunshine and water are essential for what three things about trees?

It is essential for living. photosynthesis, and growing.

Why is water an essential component of life?

Living things need water to survive.

Definition of basic needs of living things?

The basic needs of living things are those things which are essential for that organism to survive, for example humans need food, water and shelter

Why is hydrogen essential for life?

Water. H2O is needed in all living things, e.g. Plants, Animals and the like.

Is Limestone essential for modern day living?

Yes limestone is essential for modern day living it is used in many different things such as toothpaste, concrete, cereals, steel, paper, cosmetics , fizzy drinks and many more things. Without limestone we would not be able to live our normal life and some of the things limestone is in are essential for healthy living such as it is used in water treatment.

How do the activities of living things affect the water cycle shut up?

The activities of living things, such as transpiration by plants and evaporation from animals, contribute to the water cycle by releasing water vapor into the atmosphere. Additionally, organisms play a role in the filtration and purification of water through processes like photosynthesis and digestion. Therefore, the activities of living things are essential for maintaining the balance and functioning of the water cycle.

Which compound is most essential to life?

Most animals and plants are made up of 60% or more, of water. This includes humans. Almost all living things would die without water. Water is the most essential compound to life.

What is the importance of water to man?

It is essential for ALL living organismes.

How are mixtures essential to living things and non living things?

Pure substances are rare; materials around us in the nature are mixtures. Examples: ocean water, air, oil, foods ae mixtures.

Do all living things drink water?

all living things drink water

Can you see living things in water?

yeah man water is clear You can see large (macroscopic) living things in water, and many microscopic living things as well.