What is the red line in the finish area of a downhill ski race for?


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stopping used just like a stop sign

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The boys raced for the finish line.

A swimming race, although some would say touching the wall is like crossing the finish line.

An arms race, an eating contest, a swimming race (the race is finished when a swimmer touches the wall, so they don't pass anything in order to finish).

A sack race is a race in which the competitors stand in a sack and attempt to be the first person to jump to the finish line.

The person who crossed the finish line last.

No? The sport involves race-cars so I assume your car must touch/cross the finish line (not the entire car, though, as far as I know).

The cast of Junkyard to Finish Line - 2003 includes: Vic McLean as Race Driver

I believe your question is; "Which Olmpic sport has a finish line that no competitors cross" SWIMMING

Cross the finish line first. Pretty much like a human foot race.

It is the award given to the last musher to cross the finish line in Nome. It began as a joke years ago, and became a good luck symbol for the race. A "widow's lamp" is lite in Nome, and hung at the finish line, the same day the Iditarod, (dog sled race) starts in Anchorage Alaska. The lantern will be left burning day and night until the last contestant crosses the finish line. The last musher to cross the finish line in Nome, is responsible for turning the lantern off. Now, the last to finish the race is awarded the Red Lantern Award. It shows the perseverance and dedication needed to finish the race. It usually takes 14-15 days to finish the Iditarod.

The horse that crosses the finish line first wins

when you cross the finish line before everyone else

There are a few different methods of determining the winner of a race, some used as a combination. Tape marking off the finish line, photos or videos are used to see which racer crossed the finish line first.

It means that you should be celebrating life instead of trying to race everybody else to the finish line.

competitors in a race both arrive at the finish line at exactly the same time

The gender of a person does not matter when it comes to finishing a race. Some women cross the finish line ahead of men because they are faster.

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