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A tornado will usually form in the center of the most intense area of rotation.

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Q: What is the relation of a tornado to a radar supercell rotation?
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Can or cannot a radar track down a tornado?

Doppler radar can, but with some limits. Doppler radar can detect rotation of a tornado, as well as the larger rotation that may produce one, but it cannot tell if the rotation reaches the ground. Additionally, radar may fail to detect weak tornadoes and tornadoes that are very far away.

How are supercell and landspout tornadoes detected?

Supercell tornadoes are easier to detect. They arise from the larger circulation of the mesocyclone or rotating updraft of a supercell. This rotation can be detected by doppler radar, which can measure wind speed from a distance. In somce cases the rotation of the tornado itself may be detected. This is more difficult for landspouts, which tend to be smaller, and do not arise from a larger mesocyclone. Since radar cannot scan ground level winds, visual confirmation is often used to determine if a tornado has touched down. There are people, called spotters, who are trained to identify and report tornadoes and other weather hazards. A new advancement in doppler radar, called dual polarization has futher improved tornado detection. Before this development, radar could detect material in the air, but could not actually tell the difference between raidrops, hailstones, and other objects such as tornadic debris. If a dual polarized radar picks up on debris, that's a good sign that a tornado has touched down.

How do people now when a tornado occur before it happen?

Mostly using Doppler radar meteorologists can detect rotation in a thunderstorm, it is this rotation that can produce a tornado.

How do they know when there is a tornado?

Meteorologists use a combination of Doppler radar and eyewitness reports. Doppler radar can detect the rotation of a tornado or rotation that may soon lead to one. Newer advancements in radar can now detect debris lifted into the air from trees and buildings. People can also report when they see a tornado.

How do you know when a tornado is forming in a certain area?

A developing tornado can be detected by Doppler radar. This radar can measure wind speeds, and strong rotation withing a thunderstorm often indicates that at tornado is developing or is likely to develop.

Can a tornado be detected?

Yes. The rotation of a tornado can be detected using doppler radar. Additionally, many tornadoes can be seen with the naked eye.

A tornado warning means that a tornado has been spotted on ground or on radar?

Much of the time, yes. However if radar detects strong enough rotation in a storm, indicating a tornado is likely to form soon, that may also prompt a tornado warning.

What are the cloud patterns for a tornado on a radar screen?

Radar does not scan for cloud patterns. In the case of finding a tornado it looks at wind speed. If a winds are moving very fast towards the radar and winds moving fast awaay from it in a small area, it means strong rotation and a possible tornado.

What instrument do you use to check if there is a tornado?

Doppler Radar can detect the signature of a tornado's rotation in a storm, but we usually need an eyewitness report to confirm that the tornado has actually touched down. Dual polarized Doppler radar can detect debris from a tornado, but that requires that the tornado is fairly strong and that there is enough debris for the tornado to pick up.

How you you track a tornado?

Meteorologists track tornadoes using Doppler radar, which can detect rotation in a storm, and reports from eyewitnesses.

What instruments are used to warn us about tornado occurring?

The most valuable tool is doppler radar, which can detect the rotation in a thunderstorm that can produce a tornado, and even the rotation of the tornado itself. The introduction of dual polarization in these radars can be used to detect debris lifted into the air.

Can you predict if a tornado is about to happen?

Not exactly. If a tornado is imminent then Doppler radar will probably detect the rotation wand a warning will be issued that a tornado may soon form. Often, especially with areas of major damage, the tornado has already been on the ground for at least a few minutes and moves into the area. Meteorologists can often detect the signature of a tornado on radar will announce where the tornado is and where it is going.