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Q: What is the relation of friction in the screw?
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How can you reduce friction on a screw?

There are several methods that you can use to reduce friction a screw. The guide collar of the screwdriver should be in an angular position in relation to the screw. This will ensure that the screw goes in a linear motion and reduces friction.

What is the relation between pressure and friction?

Friction is directly proportional to pressure.

What is the force that holds a nail or screw in wood?


What is the relation between angle of friction and angle of repose?

Angle of repose is equal to angle of friction.

Is there a relation between inertia and friction?

Inertia is a characteristic of an object that resists change in motion. Friction occurs when two surfaces are in contact. I don't see any relation.

Does soap increase friction?

In many situations soap may be used to reduce friction. For instance, a carpenter may use soap on a wood screw to reduce the friction between the screw and the wood into which it's being driven.

When a screwdriver is being used to put a screw into a wall where does friction occur?

The threads of the screw as the threads are turned by the screwdriver .

How friction is produced?

Friction is produced when force opposes motion.

Do you need friction to get out of bed?

Friction being kinetic energy is the force of movement. In relation to getting out of bed, friction is required to move but will not assist in physical or emotional requirements to leave the bed.

How do you make interact and make relation with women?

screw her right up the pussy

Can anyone describe two different methods in which friction is used to hold materials together?

In a cotton thread, the only thing holding the cotton fibers together in the form of a thread is friction. The twisting of the thread helps to create a self-reinforcing friction. A second type is the use of screws to hold things together. While machine screws can have nuts on them, wood screws are held in the wood only by the friction of the screw against the wood in which it is embedded. Since a screw is driven in under pressure, rather than fitting perfectly, there is a lot of friction. If a screw fit perfectly, with no force needed to screw it in, it would unscrew just as easily, and would require a nut to hold it in place.

Why is the efficiency of a screw low?

because there is more input then output... in other words, friction. (: