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Information Technology is a 'classification' term that defines all components of the systems that gather, share and store information. A computer is a component of the 'IT' division. Other components are the Network devices (routers, switches, hubs, etc.), communication devices (Modems, PBXs, etc.), storage devices (optical drives, mass storage drives, back up units, etc.), etc.

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Q: What is the relationship between Information Technology and computers?
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What is the relationship between information and technology?

information can help improve technology

State the relationship between science and technology?

nukes, computers, robots,

What is the relationship between technology and global awareness?

the difference between technology and global awareness is that you use technology is that they both show information.

What is the relationship between business and technology?

Relationship between Technology and Business?

What is the difference between the phrase computers in the office and the health information technology?

Those in health information technology are more about security. They are meant to help keep information secure and private.

What is difference between computer engineering and information technology?

Computer engineering refers to the design of computers. Information technology refers to the management of computer data and systems.

What are complementary assets and their relationship to information technology?

Complementary assets are the assets required to derive value from a primary investment. The relationship between complementary assets and information technology is the firms using information technology to know the increasing or decreasing the investment in markets.

Describe the relationship between Information Technology and privacy?

The relationship between Information Technology and privacy can be described as a complex one. While some people get their privacy needs met through information technology, other will have their privacy compromised and they become vulnerable to identity theft and other malicious activities.

What is the relationship between IS and IT?

IT is an acronym for Information Technology- whilst IS relates to Information Systems- which put the Technolgy to work in applications.

What is main deffrence between copmuter technology and information technology?

Well this question needs some wide argument and debate, but in short as for me, there is a fine line of difference between computer technology and information technology. Information technology covers a more broader range of spectrum while computer technology deals mainly in the aspects related to computers and other relevant technology.

Relationship between information technology and psychology?

: may be a little help :

Difference between information science and information technology?

Information science is strictly the study of science, and in this day and age, mainly computer science. Information technology is the study of computers as they relate to alleviating problems, and having business solutions.

What is difffernce between information technology and computer applications?

Information technology is the area on managing all types of computer related technology, while computer applications are things that are coded into existence on computers. These things include programs like firefox web browser, computer games, and anything that runs on computers.

What is the relationship between science and technology give the examples of their relationship?

Science is what does the discovering, technology is how we use it.

What is the relationship between math and technology?

Math invented technology.

What is between the science and the technology?

the difference between them are technology is to do with computers and electric things while science is to do with experiments.

What is the relationship between mass communication and information technology?

Advances in information technology makes mass communication more available. For example, the Internet makes it possible for people to reach more people.

What is the difference between computer science and computer technology?

"Computer Science" is "field of computation". "Computer technology" is the "management of computers". See the Related Link below for more information.

What is the difference between ICT and ICTs?

ict the use of computers and telecommunication devices for sendind,processing and storage of information whiles icts are the devices used in the transmision of informatin

How management information system is people oriented?

Management information system is people oriented in that it focuses on people and technology. This is a study that seeks to establish the relationship between people and services offered through technology.

What is the relationship between science and technology How are they alike?

Technology is what science makes.

What is the difference between Information Technology and Electronics?

Information Technology is based on Electronics.

What is network relationship?

It is the relation between computers in network.

Is there a relationship between science and technology?


Difference between telecommunication and information technology?

Information Technology involves the installation, maintenance, operation, or study of computers, printers, and related equipment used to store and transmit information. Telecommunication is where people communicate over long distances using telegraphs, telephones, computers, or some form of broadcasting networks like cable or satellite television.

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