What is the relationship between gonad and gamete?

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The gonad is the organ that makes gametes. The gonads in males are the testes and the gonads in females are the ovaries. The product, gametes, are haploid germ cells.
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What is the difference between a gamete and a spore?

Answer . gamete- a sex cell with half the total chromozomes which needs to meet another gamete to start a life . spore- asexual reproduction unit with has a full set of cromozomes and can germinate to become a normal being, usually it is more hardy and is used to survive harsh conditions like w ( Full Answer )

What is gamete?

gamete is the male reproductive cell called sperm.A haploidreproductive cell that unites with another haploid reproductivecell to from a zygote.

What are gametes?

A reproductive cell having the haploid number of chromosomes,especially a mature sperm or egg capable of fusing with a gamete ofthe opposite sex to produce the fertilized egg. sex cells

What is a gonad?

The Gonads are organs in animals that produce sex cells: ovaries in the female, testes in the male.

What is a gametes?

A gamete, also called a sex cell, is a haploid cell thatparticipates in fertilization by fusing with another haploid cell.

What are the gonads?

Gonads are basically sex glands that are responsible for the secretion of Testosterone for males and estrogen and progesterone for females. .

What is the function of the gonads?

For a male the gonads contain a reproductive sperm and for a female they hold eggs that soon become fertilized when the sperm and the egg combines.

What is the difference between body cells and gametes?

Body cells or Somatic cells are produced by mitosis. These cells are also diploid meaning they have chromosomes from both parents. Gametes on the other hand are produced by meiosis. These cells are haploid, having only half the original chromosomes in the cells. Gametes are also known as sex cells b ( Full Answer )

What are gonads and which are they?

Gonads is a slang term for testes. They concern the male reproductive organs. *UPDATED* although gonads are used commonly as a slang word for testes, the scientific meaning is the organ that creates gamates, which is found in both males and females. On a male this is the testes, and on the female ( Full Answer )

What is clam gonads?

Clam gonads are the structures within the clam that produce the gametes of the clam. In general, gonads are the sites of haploid gamete production. The testes are the gonads of males, while the ovaries are the gonads of females.

What is difference between gametic and somatic mutation?

Gametic mutation occurs in sex cells and is passed on to the next generation, and this can become a sex-linked recessive disorder; hemophilia is an example. Somatic mutations occur in body cells - non sex cells - so changes are vnot passed on to future generations.

What is the difference between a somatic cell and a gamete?

somatic cells are those form the body of organisms while germ line cells are those which give rise to gemete somatic cells undergo mitosis while germ line cells undergo meiosis and gamete are reproductive cells

What is the difference between somatic sell and gametes?

Somatic cells or body cells have a dipliod or full set of chromosomes. Gametes or sex cells, also called germ cells, have a hapliod number of chromosomes or half the number. Sperm and eggs are the gametes of humans, and you misspelled cell.......... artard

What is the difference between gamete and a zygote?

Gamete is the term that refers to the individual haploid sex cells, the egg or the sperm, and contains only half of the necessary genetic information for a new organism. A zygote is the diploid result of fertilization between an egg and sperm, which will ultimately grow into the organism.

What are gonads of a starfish?

Gonads . Starfish's sex organ. When filled with egg or sperm, they fill the whole arm, depending on the time of spawning. Resemble grapes. .

Similarities between male and female gametes?

Answer: Both have haploid number of chromodomes i.e they contain half no. of chromosomes which is 23 while our other body cells contain 46 chromosomes.

Why are gonads not in abdomen?

Well, actually, about half of us do have our gonads in our abdomens - we're called female. The male testes are located outside the abdomen because sperm do better at a temperature a few degrees lower than the typical human body temperature.

What is the relationship between somatic cell and gamete?

There is no specific relationship between them. Somatic cells are cells that form the body (or body cells). The contain diploid (2n) number of chromosomes. They divide by mitosis gametes are also called germ cells or sex cells. They contain haploid (n) number of chromosomes. They do not divide ( Full Answer )

What is male gonadism?

It's a disease or a symptom of a disease that causes male testiclesto enlarge or swell to an abnormal size.

What are the functions of gonads?

Gonads are part of the reproductive systems of both men and women.They produce gametes. In men they are the testes and in women theyare the ovaries.

When does gonads appear?

Humans are Born with them, so is pretty much everything else really, what funky stuff have ye been smokin?

What is the difference between haploid and a gametes?

Cells with a full set of chromosomes are Diploids. Cells that contain unpaired chromosomes contain half the set of chromosomes and are called Haploids. Gametes are reproductive cells (sperm and eggs) that are haploids which are produced by the process meiosis.

What are relationships between relationships?

Relationships types are many and varied; the most common relationship between them is knowing the other person or people involved in the relationship. Although this is not always true, a relationship can be with someone you've never met, such as many on the social networking sites (or Answers.com) a ( Full Answer )

What are the gonads on a grasshopper?

The reproductive system of a grasshopper contains the gonads. Thegonads are ducts that allow the sperm to pass through the male andinto the female.

What does gonads refer to?

Males and Females In females, gonads refers to the ovaries and in males, it refers to the testes.

What is difference between an is-a relationship and a has-a relationship?

In database design, object-oriented programming, and knowledge representation, we often describe the relationship between two things as either "is-a" or "has-a" (but not both). For example, An avocado "is-a" fruit. (An avocado is a specific kind of fruit. A fruit is a generalization of things ( Full Answer )

The relationship between gametes and zygotes?

A gamete is also known as a "sex cell". These are the egg and the sperm. Zygotes are fertilised eggs. This means that when the female gamete is fertilised by the male gamete, it forms a zygote.

What are 3 differences between somatic cells and gametes?

1: The somatic cells have one copy of each chromosome from each parent, so it has two copies of each total. This is called 'diploid'. A human somatic cell, for instance, has 23 chromosome pairs, or a total of 46 chromosomes. 2: The gamete's chromosomes have undergone crossing over, in which a gen ( Full Answer )

What ias the difference between gonadal hormone and gonadotropin?

Gonadal hormones are those hormones that are actually released from the gonads (ex. estrogen, testosterone). Gonadotropins are hormones that CAUSE the release of gonadal hormones, gonadotropins are released from the anterior pituitary gland(tropin means "releasing" so gonadotropin is a gonad hormone ( Full Answer )

What is a snails gonad?

A gonad is a reproductive part of an organism that makes gametes, like the ovaries which make eggs or the testes which make sperm.

What is the difference between chromosomes and gametes?

In contrast to a gamete, the diploid somatic cells of an individual contain one copy of the chromosome set from the sperm and one copy of the chromosome set from the egg; that is, the cells of the offspring have genes expressing characteristics of both the father and the mother. A gamete's chromosom ( Full Answer )

How do you grow gonad?

Lots of vegetables, going to bed early, and when you reach the right time given to you by the elders of your clan, climb Mount. Chichrakuta and eat the great eagles egg. Then you will be able to grow gonads

What are Gonads?

The Gonads are generically the organs that produce gametes that isthe testis in a man or an ovary in a woman. However, in the vernacular form the term is usually used to referto the male's organs.