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What is the relationship between information and technology?


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information can help improve technology


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the difference between technology and global awareness is that you use technology is that they both show information.

Relationship between Technology and Business?

Complementary assets are the assets required to derive value from a primary investment. The relationship between complementary assets and information technology is the firms using information technology to know the increasing or decreasing the investment in markets.

The relationship between Information Technology and privacy can be described as a complex one. While some people get their privacy needs met through information technology, other will have their privacy compromised and they become vulnerable to identity theft and other malicious activities.

IT is an acronym for Information Technology- whilst IS relates to Information Systems- which put the Technolgy to work in applications.

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Science is what does the discovering, technology is how we use it.

Advances in information technology makes mass communication more available. For example, the Internet makes it possible for people to reach more people.

Management information system is people oriented in that it focuses on people and technology. This is a study that seeks to establish the relationship between people and services offered through technology.

Information Technology is based on Electronics.

We use technology to learn about science. And we use science to build technology.

relationship between farmer and technology

similarities and differences between computerscience and information technology.

information technology it deal with software and hardware

Communication technology is considered to be the niche of information technology which deals specifically with telecommunication and networking.

Information Science makes the part and Information Technology uses it.Type your answer here...

communicatiion is the channel of information

Science causes technology to be formed. Without science, there would be, and can be, no technology.

Information Technology (I.T.) is the study of and/or the field of technology. I.E. Computer Science. Sociology is the study of Society.

It is imperative that the relationship between and among the phases of IT work seamlessly to input, process, display (output), store, and retrieve data.

information technology and digital revolution both are the sides of same coin... we can say all the digital revolution around the world because of information technology or all the progress in information technology is because of digital revolution... it is diificult to define the importance of one field... but we can say that both these fields are the soul of all progress around the world..

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