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Television programs Are like series they play new episodes and they play for 30 minutes or an hour (with commercials) and 23-25 minutes without commercial 45 minutes if it's an hour tv program while tv commercials are just an AD to get people to buy things Or to get awareness on things

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Q: What is the relationship between television programs and commercials?
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Why does it cost so much to advertise on tv?

Advertisement is expensive on TV, because by selling the time for commercials is the channels source of income. If more and more people are watching the channel, than more valuable is the time between the programs. By selling the commercial time for higher rate, the bigger is the channels income. The more money they have the better programs the channel can prepare. The better programs there are the more people are watching the channel. The more people are watching the channel, the more potential customers the commercials can reach.

How is the relationship between the police and the public usually portrayed in popular television programs and movies and in the news media?

In popular television programs and movies, the relationship between police and the public is often portrayed in a positive light, with police portrayed as heroes. However, in news media, there is often coverage of instances of police misconduct and abuses of power, which can lead to a more critical portrayal of this relationship. Overall, the depiction can vary based on the context and perspective presented in each type of media.

Do PBS evening news programs have commercials?

Yes, but not "commercial" advertisement usually. Maybe a 30 second plug for the sponsor who has contributed money so that a program could be viewed. Also may have announcements of future broadcasts between news segments. But certainly nothing like commercial television where lately it seems that the program is interrupting the commercials these days.

How do you get NFL commercials if you have the NFL network?

If you have the NFL Network, the NFL commercials will automatically show in between your programs. NFL Network is not a free network.

What are the differences between jingles and commercials?

A jingle is a part of or can be the commercial. A jingle is a short, catchy song used in a radio or television commercial.

What is the difference between telecast and broadcast?

broadcasting is the process of sending information (ex:video signals or tv programs) to distant places is called broadcasting but where as telecasting refers to broadcast (ex:tv programs) the programs on television i.e. the broadcasted information.

How many commercials are in 8 minutes?

Depends which country you're in ! In the UK, commercials between programs are average 30 seconds each - so you'd get 16 in an 8 minute period.

Is the best description of the relationship between advertising and television?

Television is a medium driven by advertising and hence, profit.

How can you best describe the relationship between advertising and television?

Television is a medium driven by advertising and hence, profit.

What is the best description of the relationship between television and advertising?

Television is a medium driven by advertising and hence, profit.

Is there any relationship between Baby Einstein music and the TV show Little Einsteins?


Will a dish dvr work on a direct tv?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer saved programs between the two receivers