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Q: What is the removal of solid materials from waste?
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What shall you do to minimise solid waste materials?

What shall you do to minimise solid waste meterials?

What category includes waste such as waste from refineries farm waste abd materials from construction sites?

Solid waste does not include solid or dissolved materials in domestic sewage, consumers are not included in this category as these scraps enter the waste stream as waste abd materials.

Remains of solid waste materials from animals?


What remains of solid waste materials of animals?


What is The term for the solid body wastes that are expelled through the rectum?


Removal of waste material from the body-?

Waste removal is performed by several different systems. Respiratory waste, including carbon dioxide, is exhaled from the lungs. Urea and salts are extreted by the urinary system and through sweat. Solid waste is excreted through defecation.

What is the difference between solid and liquid waste?

Solid waste: metals, building materials, glass, ceramics, plastics, papers, etc. Liquid waste: polluted waters from industry and domestic use, etc.

Where should solid waste materials be discarded?

solid wastes are passed to the large intestine, than out of the body.

What is the process of collecting protecting and reusing waste materials called?

Recycling Recycling is the process through which waste materials are recovered and reprocessed for use in new products. Recycling not only helps reduce quantities of solid waste deposited in landfills but it also reduces the creation of new non-biodegradable materials

Where do waste products go during the removal of waste?

If you are talking about solid waste, it goes into the toilet, then to the sewer. If you are talking about trash waste, it goes to land-fills.Most of the trash in land-fills is paper.So yeah, that's where it goes.

Elimination (-3x-15y=-17) and (-x+5y=-13)?

Elimination is the removal of undigested food (solid waste) from the body.

What factors govern the frequency of removal of solid waste from primary collection point?

The frequency of solid waste collection depends on several factors. These include the wastes' characteristics and storage type, as well as the climate and level of involvement by home owners.