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Q: What is the republic center for odes'ka?
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When was Republic Center created?

Republic Center was created in 1964.

Where in the world is kinshasa?

Kinshasa is the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is in the center of Africa.

What country is in the center of Africa?

Zimbarbway is in the centre of centre of Africa

After 1975the capital of the newly created socialist republic of Vietnam was located in?

in the center of new Vietnam

What were the three major political parties in the beginning of the weimer republic?

SPD, DDP, and the catholic center.

Which European country set up a trading center in what is New York?

the NetherlandsThe Dutch Republic.

What does the white five-pointed star in the center of the Chile Flag represent?

the star represents that everyone and everthing can honner he republic

What is the tallest apartment building?

Republic Center Tower also known as Gables Republic Tower is the tallest residential building in Dallas, Texas. It stands tall at 452 feet including its 150 foot tower.

Why are both the roman republic and the roman republic and the US today considered republics?

The ancient Roman republic in general terms fits the description of a republic in the following ways: 1. A balance of power between the Senate and the Assembly is the center of what defines a republic; 2. Elections were held to fill important official positions; 3. The Roman republic had checks and balances through the election of consuls and Tribunes;and 4. Written laws created what is termed a government of laws not of men.

What does Maly mean?

Mali is a a landlocked republic in northwestern Africa; achieved independence from France in 1960; Mali was a center of West African civilization for more than 4,000 years

What country is 15 degrees north and 50 degrees east?

That point is in the Czech Republic, about 26 miles east-southeast of the center of Prague.

What does 'KEZ' mean?

KEZ is an area near the center of Kezsky District of the Udmart Republic of Russia. It is located 169 meters from Izhevsk and has a population of 11,080.